Stars N Stripes Lyrics

My life hasn't been simple. Your experience ain't new. Do you know what
I've been through dealing with these Starz and Stripes? The pain that I
Witnessed. Through these eyes it seemed endless. Until God taught me
Forgiveness for these Starz and Stripes.

Vrs. 1
Picture this, a young man about yeah high. Too young to speak his mind
too afraid to die.

So I kept my upper lip stiff, let's get this over with quick. If he hooks off,
I'm hoping he misses.

He caught me real good, one to the jaw. The force of it pushed the back of
My head through the wall.

I don't remember much after the fall. Just waking up wheezing it's hard to
Breathe while being kicked down the hall.

All because of something so small, he could've overlooked it but Nah... No
child deserves to be beat until he's raw.

He got creative with it. Fan belts that keep alternators spinning, would be
use to rip the flesh even through my denims.

I patch them up and wear them jeans the next day. Like that's the new
style, classmates be like "Todd you wild".

If they could only feel the sting, see the terror of this dark era. Sworn to
Secrecy when teachers ask, I can't tell'em.

I'm too afraid of what's gonna happen to me. If child protectors don't take
me, he gon' rock me to sleep.

And I don't want to see Jake (police) taking my Dad away. Then I'll be the
blame for breaking up my family? (HE BEAT YA'LL TOO)....

Chorus 2

Vrs 2

Its hard to stand when them blows coming I can hear them vision blurry
eating flurries, nose running crimson.

Tide, to get the blood out my shirt. Body sore Charlie horse a splash of
water to regain conscience I'm hurt .

Could this be the day I'm leaving the earth for better for worst whichever
come first I'm not ready

to meet Christ i see a light and I'm top heavy. Feel like I'm on Beat Street
getting rock steady

Step Mom try to intervene a back hand canceled her plans satan tried to
cancel ya mans.

Twist my conscience create in me the same monster, but I rebuke that!
And I refuse to use that

as my excuse to rebel & speak foolish I choose to do it plain & simple like
the 2 step.

The Lord God took my sins & forgive me, so I forgive my dad for every
blow to the kidneys.

Every lash of the belt ever smash from the impact of the size 12 for ever
passionate yell.

Okay? beg scream cry for help he ignored while he was tagging me
I forgive him for not thinking rationally.

For assault & battery choke holds & grabbing me bear hugs till my center
folds like a magazine

God saved him God changed him thank you merciful savior!
God saved me God changed me man you must be crazy to think you can't
be set free....

Chorus 3

"Dad I wish I had the chance to just tell you.. Tell you I love you and I miss
you... and you we're dead wrong for the way you abused me." (James)But
I learned not to be bitter and find true forgiveness down in my heart again.
"You introduced me to God and I thank you for that"


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