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Trouble With Kids Lyrics

Ayo Calm, what up devil?
I hate those who open veins and hate the sight of blood
Although x-ray, I'm still man machine
In many ways I'm still a weapon a blunt object
An empty vessel, a spaceship
Bury me senescent, mutilating a giant's people
A giant cleaning to a meteorite that he hurled at the sun
I'm trying to go the other way, that's gravity
Fleece down wool, my eyes are blue
My heels are cracked like so many truths
My throats full of glass but I've never had a choice about that
And I ran through the long night calling to a world that camping
Wondering if the foundation built death up to me
Beware when you stare into a can of worms
It stares back into you, you'll get your turn
These hands build and fill skies with black clouds
I know it's wrong but I'd choke a child if I had the balls
I ain't sarcastic, the truth hurts
Too many mouths and most of us ain't worth our weight in dirt
In my youth I was trouble as an adult I was trouble
And that's just fitting cause the world is trouble

They want you dead but we trip over pebbles not mountains
We're at 7 billion and counting
Let's all share blood, so we can all die
Cause the earth's a spaceship that we gotta let fly
Don't get mad the governments on your side
That's why they gave us AIDS, it's the pale horse
There's 3 more galloping into the sunset
Laughing cause we hate cancer but smoke cigarettes
If you wanna go green, then huff a chemtrail and shoot yourself
There's too many of you and a ton of me
You're a walking maggot meal, they'll lay eggs in you
You think they're out to get you but the snake is you
So close your eyes baby and pucker for your last kiss
Cause every time you laugh you're a masochist
We all complain when it rains, then cry when there's a drought
You say you wanna go swimming but you're afraid to drown
My heart's a bloody star it's gonna shine into that black hole
And when I get rich you could say you knew that asshole
They want us dead, that's why they gave us crack in the 80's
And that's why there's GMO's and fast food in our babies
It's all LA LA LA
As we sing for our deaths
They follow like lemmings, as they take their last step
They take everything for granted including the dust
That's why we hate those, who hate themselves, who love us
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Record Label(s): 2009 Dirty Laboratory Productions

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