The Government Can Lyrics

(Hey everybody! Gather 'round! I'm here to give you
anything you like! You want free college, energy,
mortages?! Whatever you like! You have come to the
right place! Why? I'll tell you why!)

Who can take your money? (Who can take your money?)
With a twinkle in their eye? (A twinkle in
Take it all away and
Give it to some other guy

The Government (the Government)
The Government can! (The Government can!)

Who can tax the Sun rise? (Who can tax the Sun
Who can tax the trees? (Who can tax the trees?)
Let you run a business and
Collect up all the fees
The Government
The Government can


The Government can 'cause
They mix it up with lies and
Make it all taste good! (Make it all taste good!)

The Government takes
Everything we make
To pay for all of their "solutions"
Healthcare, Climate Change, Pollution
(Throw away the Constitution)

Who can give a bailout? (Who can give a bailout?)
Tell us to behave? (Tell us to behave?)
Make the Founding Fathers
Roll over in their graves
The Govenment
The Govenment can


The Government takes
Everything we make
They're power hungry
And malicious

The economics are fictitious
Soon we'll have to eat our dishes
Mmm! Delicious!

Who can be a failure? (Who can be a failure?)
In so many ways? (In so many ways?)
Instead of getting fired, HEY!
We'll give ourselves a raise!
The Govenment
The Govenment can


The Government can 'cause
They mix it up with lies and
Make it all taste good! (Make it all taste good!)
And your Uncle Sam can 'cause
He mixes it with lies and
Makes it all taste good! (Makes it all taste good!)

And I feel so good
Because the Government
Says I should! Oh!...

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Meaning to "The Government Can" song lyrics (5 meanings)
Tim Hawkins Fan 06/30/12,18:17

Awesome song! Sometimes, I wonder if we'll ever get America out of the pit the government is digging for us.
Robert 03/24/12,17:34

This song is so funny!! I couldnt stop laughing but behind the song is alot of truth about the goverment.And those who do not see that are blind.
The Real Dr. Phil 08/28/10,14:48

This song sums it all up. Behind the laughter there is a serious message. Tim Hawkins for Truth Czar!
Kay 08/22/14,01:49

Oh this song is so hilarious! I find the message to be so true. We need to somehow change the government.
MTGG 08/17/11,07:03

When did 'Jesus was a Communist' stop and this mad allegiance with the Right start, despite the inherent callousness and crazy denialism?
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