Rise Lyrics

Tijon Ft. Steve Van Tine - Rise

There comes a time when the hope is lost
They need a man who could hold the torch
Ill be your strength in the hard time
When it gets dark, ill be the sunshine


Steve -- Tell me what to say when you know the world's coming down

Tijon - When its crashin down tell em who youll call now

S -- I'm looking to the heavens but theres only bullets flying down

T - Let them rain down on me

S -- And I will walk in the sun when the rains coming down

T - Put my faith to the rising sun

S -- And I will stand only strong when no one else can carry on

T - I will........ I will rise

Verse 1

Ill be the hope for the hopeless, Ill be a nightmare if harm ever
approach us
Always stand for my city, Wife lady liberty
I'm the epitome of what these boys been tryna be
Real to the core, thorough I'm the apples seed
They neva talk just, Eye chat, try to apple me
A wrong look misconstrued, a be a tragedy
Im a forgiving soul, it's the ones in back of me
You see they kill for me, Cuz I provide for them
With no deal I aint even brought a dollar in
I guess real recognize it's mirror image
Matter fact that real backwards, see we more the clearer image
Of a further destination, Move in silence like the masons
Hold a steady trigger, but our fingers aint blessed with gift of patients
Please forgive us every virtue don't go hand in hand
Just like the fly talk aint really bout a grain of sand


Verse 2

I guess that rose grew from concrete
Cuz what they thought I couldn't do, is now upon me
It's beyond me, a label could baton me
Got em feelin like the Blazers after Sam bombed, B
Please sit me down, tell me how this world spin around
When genocide fly, an aint nobody do a thing about it
I see its getting crowded, but this a home to all
Yes I'm high, but could it be population control
Or could it be the air waves pal-oo-tin in ya dome
Cuz I see clowns runnin roun, on they way to the thrown
Never fear I'll cut they neck before they reach the kingdom
Drink the blood out my goblet, the taste is so revealing
See I like to watch the fear in they eye, as they die,
Lay to rest, Let ya souls them fly
Two deaths, one for the man you was known as
The other for the coward, hiding in ya grown ass


Verse 3

So when the time come that all hope lost
I got the flame I will hold yall torch
Just put ya faith in me, and know I'll give my all for y'all
To the end I don't need nothing at all but yall

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