I Fuck The Dead Lyrics

a lot of people think that i'm pretty sick because i f**k dead chicks. it's really not so bad though. hell, at least half the living bitches i've banged f**k like they're dead anyways. so if you really want to get laid, don't waste your time in any bars, or any money on a whore. just cruise to your local graveyard, man. where you're guaranteed to score.

another lifeless, rotting corpse to rape
is all that i crave
my unholy need to sow my demonseed
makes me find a fresh grave
so i dig really deep through the dirt,
the maggots and the worms
and hit the casket at last
my vein-popping cock is solid as a rock
and is ready to blast
with a swing of my axe,
i quickly crack the coffin lid open wide
the stench of fresh death
from a decomposing wench awaits me inside
i sweat as my heartbeat starts to race
i quickly pull down my pants
i unleash my pulsating shaft
and i slam it up her dried snatch
infectious puss drains down my dick
from my bleeding open sores
the formaldahyde and my blood collide
as my cock glides through this whore
i crush the cunts that can't complain,
from the stillborn to the old
i f**k them in the ass or in the eye
because a dead girl can't say no

i f**k the dead

while i'm strolling through the 'yard
i can't believe what i see
i find the girl
that teased me through high school
buried right by my feet
for years i secretly loved her,
i kissed her ass, it was a mess
so i told her how i felt,
she laughed and said that i was a pest
then the bitch f**ked both of my brothers,
my dad, and best friend
screamed at my family reunion
that i was the scum among men
but after all of these years,
we're alone together at last
a head-on collision through a windshield
gave her new eyes of glass
now her re-constructed face
is a plastic surgeon's disgrace
and her disfigured remains reek of rancid decay
but despite her few flaws
and her expressionless blank stare
my f**kin' tool tears her flesh
as the smell of dead fish fills the air

i f**k the dead

after i bust the lid open,
this f**kin' bitch becomes mine
with my axe i tear a new hole
right in the middle of her spine
i f**k this skank in her back,
my bloody snot is my lube
i start to slash this slut apart
right in her own f**kin' tomb
i f**k in her asshole, in her gash,
in her mouth, in her ribcage
in her eye socket, my cock rips her guts out
i suck the maggots from her teeth,
her hair pulls out in my hands
i carve a new cunt to f**k
and slam in my hard gland
with every nut that i bust,
i smash her corpse open more
i hack the limbs off her body,
and i desecrate this whore
this is the soulmate that i've searched for
and i love her now even more
but the bitch stabbed me in the back
so tonight i even the score

i f**k the dead

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