I Don't Care Lyrics

I Don't Care

[feat. Adam Gontier & Mats Leven]

I try to make it through my life, in my way, there's you
I try to make it through these lies, that's all I do

Just don't deny it
Don't try to fight this and deal with it, yeah
Just deal with it

You try to break me,
You wanna break me...bit by bit,
That's just part of it

If you were dead or still alive
I don't care, I don't care
Just go and leave this all behind
Cause i swear, I don't care

I try to make you see my side
Always trying to stay in line
But your eyes see right through
That's all they do

I'm getting tired of this shit
I've got no room when it's like this
What you want of me just deal with it


If you were dead or still alive
I don't care, I don't care
And all the things you left behind
I don't care, I don't care

(nothing can care about, nothing can care about)
(you won't be there for me, you won't be there for me)

If you were dead or still alive
I don't care, I don't care
And all the things you left behind
I don't care, I don't care

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Meaning to "I Don't Care" song lyrics (14 meanings)
WolfGirlKana 07/01/11,12:17

These lyrics are different from what you'd hear on the radio. Honestly, I prefer this version; the radio edit is too short and feels somewhat lacking. Still, a wonderful song, and one of my favorites.
Maybe Me :) 06/07/11,10:44

It's correct :) there's two different versions. Adam didnt really like the other one so after he recorded that he went back and did his own. Changing the lyrics where he felt necessary.
GonteirGirl 12/17/10,14:15

are these lyrics correct?? The version i have on my ipod(which is apocalyptica's album version)has some differnt lyrics than this..
kyuubi03 11/02/10,13:13

This version is on my iPod, but I like the radio version of this song a whole lot better than this version.
Ispystrangers 09/09/10,17:25

not that anyone really cares but i LOVE BREAKING BENJAMIN and evil angel is indeed an amazing song. since there was talk of it on here i thought id comment. Adios
Hells 08/27/10,21:58

Is it some kind of a hobby for you to bi'tch each other over nothing at all ? Get a life. No one needs to throw themselves off a cliff just because of a song. Love it or leave it.
Faith 08/08/10,13:24

The lyrics are so messed up you freakin idiots. If your gonna put up the lyrics to a song, make sure you know wat they are first!
the lonely girl 05/28/10,19:00

i just love this song it reminds me of so many things in my life that i didnt care about or who didnt care about me i have a screwed up life too but i face the fears all the time but its hard
cemenetary drive 04/12/10,18:02

thats what everybody says but the diffrance is they fix it i fcked up in life to its just to me its not that easy to go in the past to ummm... fix things with people
evilangel 04/08/10,18:46

all u are fcked up anyone who doesnt like this song can fck themselves and jump off a fcking cliff, go 2 hell and rot 4 ever anyone who likes this song is realy kool
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