W.a.b. (clean) Lyrics

[Chorus x4]
When I say weak, you say itch
Weak, itch, Weak itch

[Juicy "J"]
How you feel with this nine mili mill to your grill
Haters talkin' lots of ish
But they scared of the steel
If you want me come and get me
Cause I'm real with this here
I ain't scared of none of you bros
I ain't never shead a tear
In yo hood bumpin' ridin' with a twelve case no fear
Ain't no nigga make no moves
Get you scared, shook your fear
Y2K hit the clock
So you know the ending's near
One call to them killas and you just might disappear

[DJ Paul]
Now nigga all in my face hollin' real but real soft
I'm holdin' up this knot
Bout to knock your block off
You a weak snitch
And your CD cover show
With your fake face
I been knowin' ya so I know a sissy bro
Yeah know this a triple six city
All that MTV and BET got you feelin' gritty
Just to think, you used to be my dog
Used to be my nigga, now you fake
But I stomp on you sticks in the grass
You little snake snitch
[Chorus x4]

[Lord Infamous]
Uh, In the mood a crowd
Make the speakers pound
If you niggas wild
Knock these snitches out
Rumblin' the ground
Tramplin' niggas down
From the dirty south
Where the niggas like it loud
Wish ya hypnotized
Instagater ?
Fire in my eyes sosate lucky Frank White
Ready for the gunfight
If you wanna get high
Ain't no sympathize
Make you sleep till it's judgment night

[La Chat]
Talk is cheap
I hear you talking but you ain't bout your bizz
La Chat a mack ain't got no time to play no games with a fish
My plastic gat we gone be rumblin' dis
Then they gon' hit'cha smit'cha get'cha so don't mess with this ish
I know you feelin' when I'm speakin' and I'm speakin' to you
Well it's true, who got the proof
What you gon' do
I keep my mug cuz I'm a thug
I left the twink on my grill
You got some manner
Need to show it
And you claim that your real

[Chorus x4]

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