Move Mutha Fucka (killa Klan Kaze) Lyrics

Move Mutha f*cka, Move Mutha f*cka Move
(till verse starts)

(Project Pat)
Should I, come wit the style that you niggaz love
Gangsta's on that green and dat white buckin in da club
Showin love to the Kaze click 'cause we in this bitch
Juicy J and Paul got some sounds to make a thug rich
Stickin to the plan man im ???? off this Hennessey
North Memphis, South Memphis, Orange Mound, Tennesse
One town always one fool we in our own world
And golds in the mouth chevy thang new gold curls
Sweatin round and round niggaz gangsta walkin and start shit
f*ck wit those who only down wit me and we aint barrin shit
Tickin like a bomb full of ghetto and ya ready to go
On the f*ckin way I own a trick who think he ready to flow
Throwin up yo sign(funkytown) if you real it aint yo best
Watch wut you do we shoot to kill best have yo vest
Testin others nuts runnin in to them crakin like some glass
Soldiers tryin to stop all the blood drippin up out yo ass

till verse starts

It, it dont stop kick you feet throw yo arms in the street
In da club nigga wut it don matta where you from
Southside, Northside, Westside, Eastside
Let em start a f*cking riot if any bustas wanna try
Who de Who, that be bitch creepin wit dat evil breeze
Its da Killa Klan wit the mic inside they hands
Ya, all we wants to do is get buck and Tear Da Club Up wit the Mafia
6, Prophet Posse, Hypnotize runnin this wit them third world thugz
Gettin real buck wit the devil click
They see, 'cause the kamikaze's movin the crowd, gettin em loud
gettin em crunk 3-6's has a loud mega thump
Bump, that will bust your f*ckin ear drum, makin silly suckas wish you
never came to get some
Of this, Memphis killa nigga figga (figga)
Makin you move, move a MUTHAf*ckA

till verse starts

(MC Mack)
We killa klan, killa klan
Fear no muthaf*ckin man
Watchin these niggaz get buck
Representin their sets by their hand
We Memphis bound on you clowns
That be traitin our shit
You think you buck but you aint bucker than the ones in our click
So take a hit, catch yo high, throw yo hood up in the sky
Start a riot wit the other side
if them bitches wanna fry
If you dead then they dont know
shouldnt have been f*ckin wit dis mack
Some kaze thugz show no love
when we armed and ready to attack
That hoe ass nigga in da club im shootin in the back (BOOM!)
Let you other cities know the originators of this game
Where we came, straight from Memphis
Full of pimpin and dem drugz
We dem soldiaz super quick to start a fight up in the club
Get the f*ck if you cant bump the Kaze on the dance flo
Got these local dj's hatin dont want to bump our song no mo
If you hear it, then you feel it
If you snooze you disapprove
Killa Klan and Prophet Posse makin MUTHf*ckAZ MOVE!

(chorus till fade)

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