Move Back Lyrics

[Verse 1 – Thi'sl]
Hey yo I slid through the spot about a quarter to nine
Hit my man ‘Crae up on the line
Ten deep and we walkin' in line
Sold out all in Christ like mice
That's right cousin, we don't move for Satan
We rep love, ain't no room for hatin'
We don't puff, none of us Jamaicans
This ain't harlem but we see you shakin'
And we ain't out to get no bad boy cream
One accord, ain't no “I” in “team”
You see Flame, then you seein' me
You see Json, you seein' me
This not a game so in life we don't scrimmage
The main goal is that you see Christ's image
Without the cross on your back you lose
But this track's here hot so we makin' you move

[Hook – Thi'sl]
So move back, like somebody got a gat
Hunt ‘em down, push ‘em up out the back
Nah fam, ain't no beef in here
We rep Christ, rep life, rep peace in here
Yo move back, like somebody got a gat
Hunt ‘em down, push ‘em up out the back
Nah fam, ain't no beef in here
We rep Christ, rep life, rep peace in here

[Verse 2 – Lecrae]
Tats on the wrist, hat cocked to the side
Shirt pretty big, do-rag stay tied
Prob'ly look like the dudes on your blocks
Towin' glocks with the rocks in our socks but we not
We not holdin' the heat, we not hostile
We in the streets communicatin' the gospel
We ain't gangsters dawg, we ain't thugs
We don't pop slugs, no we don't sell drugs
You won't catch us pourin' liquor at the cemetery
You might see us wearin' braids up in seminary
Ain't on the corners talkin' ‘bout what they hittin' fo'
We preach Christ from the corner to the prison, nope
It might seem kinda funny to some
See us in our white tees representin' the Son
And if we pop trunk, we ain't got no guns
We got commentaries, concordances, and lexicons

[Hook – Thi'sl]

[Verse 3 – Thi'sl & Lecrae]
(Thi'sl) It's mandate we rep Christ like this
Bring his truth to the spot like this
How can you breathe done and not like this?
How can you hear fam and not like this?
How you believe and you don't like this?
They can't believe we bang tracks like this
Make ‘em move, make ‘em groove like this
We aim truth, and we hit y'all miss
(Lecrae) Yeah, and me and Thiz ain't got no beef witch'all
We preach life, preach Christ, preach peace to y'all
You might see us outside on the streets witch'all
So believe that we out there representin' Jesus, dawg
And it's so true, what we do is life
Sweat pants, fitted caps, and we move for Christ
Eyes focused on God, never losin' sight
Down in Dallas all the way up to the Lou for Christ

[Hook – Thi'sl]

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Record Label(s): 2007 Catapult

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