Holla At Ya Lyrics

Verse 1:
Got your pillows chillin near a sleeping giant
Gone head and pitch your stones, I bet ya won’t see Goliath hiding
Flying boulders back at ya, with a flow that drafts damage
Why you show you got heart, but your show is have hazard
Magic with the phlegm, imagine that its magic with a pen
Have you thinking, What the hell man, Magic sick again?
I’m certain, these bars will hurt you, so that will bring two little
Your times up and your girl steady winking her eye
And I don’t even want to go there
So slow that roll, trying to get my flow in
Know that bro, I am on my grown man
Think with my whole mind not with my gonads
Never been scared
Pick my battles
You got a problem, God got a paddle
Walking prophet, you talking nonsense
Slap the fore-thought out your conscience partner

Verse 2:
I’m made for the game so my, angle has change
He get paid for saying nothing, I get change for what I say
This that Love Hate, but I ain’t Dream, I’m in my wake state
If you ain’t talking ‘bout it roll, bounce, I mean, break, skate
No time for chiming in, I’m a gong to your solo
I gotta carry the burden you can call Mr. Frodo
But I ain’t no freakin Hobit, this ain’t no freakin hobby
A teacher to this class, all your little speakin’ stoppin’
And I don’t even want to go there
But I know that flow that, gotta get’m going man
Not gonna hold back, try to keep it humble
Yall wanna chit chat, I wanna rumble
Talk is nothing, actions all
Passion on, that act is off
So quit your gap yapping jaw and put in some actual thought
That is all

Yea I’m not gonna be defeated me
So it’s gotta go down like this

I’m high above the clouds and you cannot see me
When you thought you put him out, then you couldn’t beat me
Yea I see all through your doubts, no it wouldn’t be me
One they tried to push around Lord you finally freed me
See the people with their smiles looking kind of greasy
Ayo they tried to stick around with their silent scheming
So when I had to flush’m out, know the time was creeping
I just smiled put it down, now they’re trying to get me, leaving - See ya

Believe me Imma let’m know
See me I’m up in the door
Better Holla At Ya boy
Cause you wont see me on the low (2X)

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