Dogg Pound 4 Life Lyrics

Busta ass nigga (busta ass niggas). Bitch ride on they ass. I be back in
about 30 minutes. Get your ass in the car nigga. ??

Before I even step motherf**kers hit the deck
I get's wreck with a tech so cash in like checks fool
I fet's my own back in a strap
But if it calls for that I got my nigga Kenny Mack (beeoitch)
Swift as the wind the Mac 10 is in my niggas clutches
So bust this we rush this punk ass nigga
I knew he was a f**kin' punk
So then I tapped Daz "go and pop the f**kin' truck"
He steps back in with tech and I'm all puffin' on blunts
Ready to get wrecked
Even though I knew he had a Mac 10 on I gave a f**k
And stuck the tech out the window ready to (let loose)
Get (some gin and juice) and then tell Snoop to come scoop
Check me out peep how all who withstand
Step so quick and slowly sink like quicksand
"Murder" that's what I be yellin'
I'm peepin' ya people now two hoods the villian
Wheather I'm a see a G or a B.G.
Sportin' locs and a beenie tryin' to mad dog you can't see me
Now I can bust a cap and split 'em up
Or ready to get 'em up
What's up with that Dogg Pound? Like nigga then I hit 'em up
Now you know what's up with Kurupt (right)
Niggas don't give a f**k I'm headed for the westside

Now this spots owned by the motherf**kin' D.O. (double G)
P.O.U.N.D. so I see no (other choice) but to roll with the homicide
(For all this drama make you and your momma die)

This is Dogg Pound for life
This is Dogg Pound for life (nigga I just don't give a f**k)
This is Dogg Pound for life
This is Dogg Pound for life (nigga we just don't give a shit)


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Songwriter(s): Calvin C. Broadus, Delmar Drew Arnaud, Nathaniel Hale, Ricardo Emmanuel Brown
Publisher(s): Delmar Arnaud Musiq, Warner Chappell Music, Suge Publishing, Ricardo Brown Pub Designee, Snoop Doggy Dogg

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