Herbal Infection Lyrics

Oh Oh Oh Oh
Here comes your herbal infection
Oh oh oh oh
Where’s your propolis protection
None of your beeswax, Face facts
We weren’t made to propagate
Anything that nature couldn’t mate
Now we’ve mucked it up big time
Too late for bee-kind
Our hive-mind inoculators
Slaving nectar-saving pollinators
They’re doing their see-you laters
But that’s no way to say goodbye

Ticks of the mind have
Time to find you, will unwind you
Like a wool skein,
A sheep scene of loathing
Steeped clothing
Battering rams at the flax dams
Get on your flak jacket, father jack hacket.
What? Ya mean ya didn’t pack it?
Ha! Too late lately so many poisons
We’re the only species
That heedlessly employs them

Hay hay hay it’s old school
You need the weather fool
We’re up for big bales
Black sails in the sunset
Unispike as you like
Rearguard farmyard action
This is four by four traction
Sixteen, the sick team
Thank the bankers
Bought us the slurry tankers
Contractual mayhem
JuneJitsu Gas them
All over the taut brown ground
Squirm worm you’re history
Lumbricans terrestris
You’ll miss the best bits
Watch us try to eat our own shit

Settle down lad, says my granddad
No need for Swearing
You could do more being pleasant
And what’s that you’re wearing?
In the name of Teknopeasant!

Pop, the problem is more and more’s been done
God knows you were no moron
A good man, quiet, hard working and smart
And I still miss the smell of your pipe smoke
And my granny’s apple tart
But now we’re outrun
Have you clocked the mileage,
We got knee-deep friesans eating captive silage
Pensioners at 3 and 4 years
Bone-hammock dung-flingers
Wannabee gun-slingers can’t stand them,
Scan them - look they got chipped ears
Just a few years ahead of us, on GPS
Time to go back to the dark and pray
We learn to enjoy being treated the same way

What? Are you going to try
And rip out a few pages?
Look up the golden ages?
Get courageous, Get cosmopolitan
Ask for help from your bake-book
Face the facts there’s no going back
It’s a war against money
Being used as a weapon
I’m not joking it’s a token of infection
It’s time for insurrection
Need to get off this oil
Get back on the soil
Get fierce and vocal – keep it local
Take some ground and tend it, befriend it.
This is Now - our world – defend it

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