The P.A.S.E.O. (The Poem Aaron Saw Extra Ordinary) Lyrics

If i ever go away.......
If i ever go..if i ever go... if i ever go...
If i ever go away....

I want everybody that loves me to be...

Ridin Paseo, not in the day though,
Cherish the day, but then roll out when the day go,
Ridin away yo pain and sorrow,
Live for today cause you might not see tomorrow

Ridin Paseo, not in the day though,
Cherish the day, but then roll out when the day go,
Ridin away yo pain and sorrow,
Live for today cause you might not see tomorrow

[Verse 1]
Roses are red and violets are blue,
And we all get purple rain when you put together the 2
True, lets talk about this street i know
Meta meta yo is needed when its time for me to go
I spent my whole life on this KC street
The PASEO where the real stay and the fake sees heat
Gangstas lay low, get the queso and everyday breathe deep
But when the day goes all the broads out cause the baby's sleep
On Paseo i reminisce if they love me then give em this
Never know when to go cause this life is so hit and miss
Cry for me? never just have a ball wit each other
Cause thats what i had thanks goes out to my father and mother
And i love you so mama
If i ever happen to go mama
I think theres something you should know mama
I stayed away cause i was tryin to become somethin
Give a house to that one woman
The reason everyone's bumpin.....


[Verse 2]
Lets take a journey startin at 85th, wrote some of my latest hits
Off 85th came back from Cali then i stayed with Chris
Off 76th my first baby was conceived
Off 75th was with slow mo in conditions you wouldn't believe
74th and Paseo on the corner
Slept with the AK for my homie Scoob
Any body came through that door was a gonner
64th i ate balogna and kicked it with mac and sonya
In French Village i sold dope for my folks in a place with a crack aroma
63rd street is the land (and in Bishop Hogan)?
Demandin yall just keep rollin
(expandin on bishop strollin)?
Mastered music on 61st
If i didnt use it i would spit the verse
This is how how you find me if demons happen to hit me first
Right on 58th i lived from 12 to 17 with basima kechramin , marty, hassan and hakim
57th and 56th i had a ball i learned some tricks i learned some schemes
From my homeboys yall know who i mean
RDVs 55th paul's liquor try and talk slick if you crazy
Results in getting stomped by doc and stu-baby
Keep ridin paseo for me
If you ridin solo tonight
Just keep on thinkin marco polo for life when you're...


[Verse 3]
Whats the paseo hah
49th street
On 47th is gates and sons where Tech N9ne eats
39th at the bootleg i used to find peace
But at the scottish right on lynnwood masons at times meet
I used to kick it on 27th and 28th (true's lake) might find yourself off in that piece if you hate
19th was my family's church they tried to save me too late
Cause doin shows on 18th and vine that was my true fate
Mary Lou Williams was my aunt
9th where i was raised
Way minor way back in the day they used to fight no one was framed
But now on independence ave i hear my son donnie
Sayin that he hear gunshots every night on 5th and it scares his momma ronnie
End of the road 29 north to the bridge
If i go im leavin everything to my wife and my kids
Travis if i go whatever my half is you give her
And no funeral just throw my ashes in the Missouri River...Love.


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Record Label(s): 2009 Strange Music
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