Over Lyrics

I'd like to dedicate this to hip-hop
For all those days you put a smile on my face when times were hard

[Verse 1: Ilyas]
Even when the sun sets
The light still isn't done yet
(Everybody, are we having fun yet?)
Another day goes by
Bad or good, the next one could be better
You're probably fed up like I am
I'll be damned if I sit back, get mad
Let my inner light go pitch black, get sad
Forget that
I know soldiers are tired
But Von and Don we gonna make it
If we don't, you can call me a liar
I know we're walking on the thinnest of wires
I'm trying to find my inner inside
Rekindle my fire so we can sit and retire
Look back at young cats sayin' how we inspired 'em
Midnight maraudin'
Japan to Harlem
Bring spring in autumn
Hip-hop's my garden
Try to water it with flow unseen
But it seems like there's no sunbeams
So I'm done because I'm wanting this dream
When really all I want for my team
For them to see how special they really are
Because they're stars to me
Both these cats are a part of me
Fire and brimstone when I get pissed
Now I'm calm so the song's a wish
Am I wrong for this?
I just wanna do some songs and spit
And get a ring and start a party and shit
And it's almost time for Tanya Morgan to move on from this
Then this long verse is good night
The longest kiss

Over - pain I want it
Over - war I want it
Over - hate I want it
Over - violence I want it
Over - tears I want it
Over - fear I want it
Over - I hear you want it
Over - I hear you want it

[Verse 2: Donwill]
I'll be happy when the sun sets
On a day's hard work that's not done yet
Cause when I'm stressed now
I take it out of the mix down
For a while life was like "chill, you out the mix now"
Felt like the music stopped
Fast nights and abusive cops
Goodbyes and interviews for jobs I ain't got
All took it's toll on me
Obsessive control freak
Who had to leave it in the lord's hands to trust and believe
I had to sit back and reassess
We got a classic ain't release it yet
Il taking classes just to see a check
While me and Von Pea take demands from the man
Working hard to pay dues
While praying we soundscan
It's funny how sound can make it all make sense
But funnier how all them times I wanted to quit
Something wouldn't let me
Sworn off but yo, it never left me
Back, uncontrollable like fits of epilepsy
Still can pen it effortlessly
When the inspiration hits
If I can't document it
Sit the pen down and live it
Dreams of seeing this thing through can be a nightmare
Especially when you're tired and the finish line is right there


[Verse 3: Von Pea]
When I did my first album
I rapped through headphones
Begged people to listen
Some of 'em said no
Some were being nice but didn't think I'd be
Couldn't hear the words but said the flow's nicely
Put together
Some of the beats are too
But get a real mic
Or go and pay for a booth
So I walked back and forth to school
Trying to save fare
At least twenty blocks to get there
In two months I had my mic and a plan to kill
The first person to hear it was Donwill
Time went on, I met you, you and you
But me and these two are lethal
Each tune it leads to
A little more respect
Livin' mic check to mic check
Dead in depth when death's the destination
Tanya's missed menstruations the past 8 months
To bat, we next up, yeah


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