Gutter Rainbows Lyrics

Talib Kweli yeah, ay
Get with it, get with it
Here we go, here we go, c'mon, c'mon {*2X*}
Yeah; Blacksmith (Blacksmith) it's the movement
Keep it movin, keep it movin
Here we go, here we go, c'mon, c'mon {*2X*}
Yeah; Blacksmith (Blacksmith) pay attention
Gutter Rainbows, yeah

[Talib Kweli]
Watch me flip it like the Blacksmith logo
I shine a light through the darkness when the night is
black as Yaphet Kotto
All these rappers lookin mad in photos
Saddest player braggadocio quality make up for what I
lack in promo
You say you blast a fo'-fo' (nah) you don't shoot
It's more like you shot me an e-mail but forgot to
attach the vocals
Call 'em a bastard like their dad a no show
I'm too fast for slowpokes, runnin on the track with
Yohji Yamamoto's
This ain't fashion rap, I'm bringin the passion back
Find me where the trouble at, that's my natural habitat
(Let's go~!) I take it with me in the booth
To the livin we owe respect, to the dead we only owe
the truth
So if somebody feelin disrespected
Even when his face is smilin, his heart rate escalate
to violence
Look at them tremble, jugglin drugs
Using abusing beautiful strugglin, still we usually

It's the voice of the voiceless, hope for the hopeless
Spit game way too real, they don't promote it
Cause the way I approach it, from another angle
I stay in the streets and notice the gutter rainbows
It ain't no pot o' gold, it's where the product sold
It's where we lock and load, and and cop that rock then
So turn it up loud, and turn it up now
Turn it up loud, turn it up now

[Talib Kweli]
Welcome to my hood where the rainbows is in the gutters
The pain that you will discover is makin the angels
There's sex in the city but we never claimed to love
I know you heard of us, we more murderous than Cain
famous brother
Living with death smokin blunts with the Grim Reaper
Snitch niggaz known to blow the whistle like a gym
This gum flapper, swear he a gun clapper
Nah; somethin backwards, he really a dumb rapper
He trapped on the corner with the oil spillin
Mixed with the dirt and the water collected in the
gutter 'til the color's brilliant
I paint pictures so legendary; I BEEN doin this
Your history is as short as the month of February
in a leap year - what do we fear?
Dead bodies lyin on the ground, nuttin to see here
To be clear, don't ever cross me like police lines
Cause libertarians will be not invited to tea time


[Talib Kweli]
Now when I whip around a building it form a corner
Findin nature in the city, we cover our feet in gators
Bugattis to bodegas, they sellin rotten tomatoes
Stackin chips and I don't mean potato - there go
another one
Graduated from quarter waters and Butter Crunch
to tuxedo nice with a gun tucked in his cummerbund
He get it from his momma, he ain't nuttin but his
mother's son
She used to get it poppin like bubblegum
Peddlin poison was often better employment
The ghetto destroyin any sense of self she was enjoyin
Survival of the fittest; by any means necessary
Got us callin drug dealers revolutionaries
You say he kill his people, he say I feed my family
And you ain't kickin in, you'll never understand me
You just stand in my way, now you an obstacle
and obstacles end up in the hospital - I'm just sayin


Hey {*8X*} turn it up now
Hey {*8X*} turn it up loud
Yeah! Ha, ha, break it down like
Woo~! Yo yo, yo yo yo-yo-yo
Gutter Rainbows

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Songwriter(s): Mark Landon, Robert Mandell, Talib Kweli Greene
Publisher(s): Copyright Control Shares, Mushroom Music, Windswept, Rm Moods And Colors, Mushroom Music Pty. Ltd.
Record Label(s): Javotti Media 3D 2011
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