Chapter 3 The Words You Hide Lyrics

Where do we go? How strange, but I don't know!
The words you hide, would they mean more than the
things you show?
Then you look at me - is it my fault? Is it my fault?
Blind out inside, it's hard but I try
I wonder if the words we'd share could match your smile
Then you smile at me, and I feel you! Yes, I feel you

Future ... unsure ... failure ... am I?
How do they see you? ... perceive you? ... so untrue!

Within the woods we hide - It looks as if they bleed
A million trees in sight - their branches are crushing
I'd fell them all to pave a path for you ... I'd make
them fall just to protect you ...
And the cold wind hurts my eyes - amongst the whirling
It's as if I heard your cries ... as if you're calling
How will you quit these woods when I am gone?
An endless dream ... wake up, wake up, wake up!

So angry ... in frailty ... who's guilty? ... not fair!
It breaks me and wounds me ... so violently ... so
where do we go?

Once in a lullaby, songs from another time ... so
bright ...
Hear our melody, bring back this time to me ...
tonight, here tonight ...
Peacefully see how you breathe while you sleep ...
Needless to speak to be near ...
Sing, like we did before ... lite and alive once more
... inside me ...
Rise like a violin and climb from the deep ... Melody,
come back to me!
Breathe with you now, yes, I breathe in your beat

While we breathe we compose our own symphonies
And I breathe with you now ... and the air that we
Fills my own wordless silence with our old melody
Feel things that I should know, they seem so long ago
... inside ...
Stay for a moment, please rest for a while ... give me
my peace back, tonight ...

Melody, where are you gone? If I lift my head ... what
will I see?
Look up, look up now ... No sound, but only icy wind
... again, again, again ...

Thoughts - here you stay ... still the same, day by day
I hope those thoughts I bear will not divert you away
Then I stare at you, do you see it? Do you see it?

Worn out ... look down ... weak as I am ...
Worn out ... can't go on like this ... no more ...

Here I am alone, silence all around ... hide out, hide
Open up my eyes, see the leaves surrounding me ...
Pick them up, pick them up ... then I face up to their
And I raise my head - at least I try - raise my hand
and let them fly ...
Rise up, rise up now ...
And suddenly, beyond the trees, a passage past the long
I wonder why I did not see before ...
It was never far but always near - I dared to lift my
head yet you showed me
To face it though the end of this way's not clear ...
Now I look ahead, walk in your beat to carry my
Fly, my leaf, just fly away with me ... Come this way,
please, come with me ...
It's full of light and full of melodies! Take your time
'cos I will wait for you ...

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