They Call Me Lyrics

Lights, Camera, Action and all of that
People crowd around and they ask for his autograph
They wanna know the deal with this cat Surreal
Is it all just hype or is it mass appeal
Does he really write songs in a days time
And record in his own lab without payin' a dime
Yo i heard that his notebook filled with dope hooks
They call him the soul chef, his rhymes are slow cooked
Won a bunch of battles where nobody could see him
Now i heard he rocks a cape like a super human bein'
Legendary status on the mic apparatus
Known for his flow and microphone mathematics
Blueprint schematic, basement to attic
Rhyme, styles, concepts, flow yo he has it
Word around town is expect big things
They sayin' that surreal is the next big thing

You see they call me a star but thats not what I am (x4)

Has anyone heard from the sound providers
The word around town was those cats have retired
I heard they got a mansion and a yacht
Now they sippin' champagne, lampin' at the top
Naw i heard they motivated, and still move makin'
Posted in the lab in deep concentration
Recruited this one cat, I heard that he's nice though
Precise with his words and plus he got a nice flow
He blows a spot like the mic had nitro
And orchestrates his rhymes like an old school maestro
You're right yo
I think I heard that too
I'm startin' to get hyped yo i hope thats true
His name is Surreal and I heard that he's raw
My man seen him at a show and said he's 7 feet tall
Controllin' the crowd, like the R in his prime
And you better get ready this star's startin' to shine

You see they call me a star but thats not what I am (x4)

First things first before i start this verse
I wanna thank the most high puttin' me on earth
And makin' me a person fly with words son
I might just be the best rapper you heard from
Nice with the diction, right with the quickness
And yea i drop a verse like it's nobody's business
I've won battles and around my way
I guess I'm kind of legendary well thats what they say
I've made songs and jams for years
And got praise from my close friends, fam, and peers
And yes G, I'm down with the SP's
Cause over they beats my rhymes glide like jet skis
I'm from a dying breed called true MCs
Then we make a dope record, true indeed
When it's all said and done yea I'm raisin' the bar
But just because I make rap songs don't make me a star

You see they call me a star but thats not what I am (x4)

Word em' up (huh)
The sound providers
Surreal and the P's
True indeed
Jay Skills, Suolo, Surreal
Been too long we wakin' these cats up
And I'm out

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Record Label(s): 2006 Quarternote Records
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