We All Deserve A Raise Lyrics

Feat. Quite Frank And Swateezy

[Quite Frank]
Unkommon the kolor I match
They like this fur face boy is to dap
Cybertrone in the getup I put on I detach
From what they say is on
Cog never touched this skin of mine, but the heritage from 21 out shined the rocawear design, easy
I soaked the fashion world up, don't intertwine with that other stuff it's to greasy, in couple years, I changed from weazy from Jeezy to Yeezy, but not Quite some say it's the money caused the change it's just I graduated, the come up was elementary,. You nicca hating & bitckes too
But that's just what Bitckes do, for centuries
My clothes out shine time, neat knit don won, Bow tied tie on, ride in the back seat sharing Grey Poupon, for that line you might be to young, but the fashions fresh, likabitck
Carry on

DO you see these clothes I rock & you think you can do the same
Don't you see how these ladies will jock & I don't eve know their names
We just out here working hard we understand why haters hate
Like our job is to make you mad
That's why we all deserve a raise
Tailored Made
Repeat X

You mad huh? I see you mad at me
Because I took your girl, but truthfully you should be glad it's me
Cuz you lame boy, you aint got no game boy
Yet I'm so advanced, you was lying, so I took your main boy
Tryna stay sane, but all this brain starting to overload
From the Js up to the Tees
The Snapbacks to the Jeans
They see my Creez and tell me my closet is overclothed
Taylor Made, oversewn
Exquisite cities I've overflown
Or flow over, girls f**k me for closure
Cuz these broke rappers can afford them
Taking they babies I abort them
Take them from these pussies and cut the cord
I'm in they waters, all a board
They on my meat no Carnivore
See what's in store and I'm top shelf
What's cooking? Bitch I'm Top Chef
You wear wookies I cop 12
All different colors f**king daughters and they mothers
Mother f**ker then pass them off to my brothers
Casanova Shiiiiiit

Why make me brag huh to make you mad um now this is sad you haters counting my cash I ain't playing games but still catch me with tags. Got enough rest but still catch me with bags. My wife look lovely you'd think that she playing jazz and my girlfriend artsy just say that she got piszass and now you all on my nuts I'm not talking pistach all because I'm chucking that's Taylor made on yo ass. I don't need raise bruh but I'll take a raise bruh I like to stay on point like a laser you know this fella sharper than a razor yeah my lifes a movie got you looking for trailer. Rated fashion favorites you can't fade us. Hey it's just the beginning it's not the seventh inning but definitely I'm winning so pay attention I'm addicted to this life I need a intervention I lieing I'm gonna live it

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