Hot Hot Lyrics

Come on
They gon feel this
They gon feel this one no doubt

Uh uh Lonnie B
Mad Skillz
Danja Mowf
Come on

[Mad Skillz]
I got what it takes to spit mean (uh huh)
Shit what y'all know about the heat my click bring (uh)
More flows that shit means more cream
I been f**kin rappers up since I was 14 (uh huh)
Who wanna get hemmed up nigga test the team (uh)
Catch me timmed up nigga guess the jeans (uh uh)
You mad cause your girl got a spleen lean (uh)
While yo ass was cutting grass (?) king and queens (what)
In my lifetime I done seen things (uh huh)
Like manajes with Christine and Janine (uh)
Man haters talk drama they doubt things (uh)
Man I call they mammas when I wanna get my house cleaned (what)
Like hunting if I'm ever on the club scene (uh)
Man this shit I do with rap is obscene (yeah)
I'm stunning with it dog I'm a mad fiend (uh)
Battle me Imma do you like some bad greens

[Hook x2]
Aiyo everything we make be hot hot (uh)
But ya'll cant wait for it to drop drop (uh huh)
Yosuper friendz blowing up the spot spot (uh)
Yo who got VA on lock lock

[Danja Mowf]
Aiyo here I go it's the flow pro
Danja Mowf hit ya like a low blow
Cause I aint playin fair nigga so so
So im quick to smile like a (?)
My soldiers let two shots blow blow
When I bust like a 4-4 go low (Get down)
Cause it don't stop like whoa whoa (whoa whoa whoa)
Maybe when I die you can blow yo (uh huh)
And I miss from the track like Flo Jo
I flow till you can't take it no mo
You couldn't see me if I was in slow mo
And I bust in the do like the po po (freeze)
Get yo torso shaken like its go go (uh)
Have you feindin like Kci and Jo Jo
Like Noreaga have you sayin oh no (oh no)


[Lonnie B]
Naw Dog I aint gotta say the track with my draws off
To show my ass when I bust like a sawed off (pow)
Another dead rapper getting hauled off
They said the superfriendz crew was gon fall off
Help me out ready set f**k ALL YA'LL
From the back Juvenile style raw dog (uh)
Did I sell out cause the plaques on my wall? (naw)
Cause I spent a couple g's at the mall? (naw)
Cause I pump babyface in my car? (naw)
When ya heard we was back ya'll said (aw naw)
Face got tighter than some small draws (come on)
Plus your hater celebration got called off (oops)
Don't call us we gon call ya'll
That's what the labels used to say
Now they all call (forreal)
Cause they know the super friendz about to scold ya'll

[Hook: repeat until end]

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