No Deal Lyrics (feat. Alexzander Pray & Autumn!)

[Intro: Alexzander Pray]

[Verse 1: Alexzander Pray]
Hol' on
Bitch, I'm real, eh, eh
I don't give a f*ck 'bout how you feel
Nigga try me, ok, he get killed
I ain't sipping on lean if it ain't got the seal
If you spill my cup you getting spilled
You ain't real just 'cause you say you real
I know who you with, that shit was cute
I ain't trying to sign no f*cking deal
I'ma need about a hunnid mil'

[Verse 2: Summrs]
I ain't trying to sign no f*cking deal
Ok, this LV on my wrist could've payed your motherf*cking bills, yeah
Double cup me up and I'm off them f*cking pills, yeah
Saint Laurent, Saint Laurent, Saint Laurent, Saint Laurent, Saint Laurent
Whoah, new bitch she so high maintenance I'm like "Which one?", yeah
I got my chains out, don't get your bitch took (Get your bitch took)
I'm with lil' Wick and lil' Alex, we just hit a quick jugg (We just hit a quick jugg)
Too many drugs on standby like we at OvO (Like we at OvO)
Walked in smelling like loud, yeah, that audio
[Verse 3: Autumn]
Walk in too loud, audio
Walk in this bitch with the finest hoe
We on that bullshit radio, ha
Too much money that's overflow
Mama told me "boy, the world is yours", that shit got me feeling like Tony Montana
Say that you with this and that, well, ok, you got to show me, haha
Been could've f*cked that bitch
I don't even want her 'cause she kind of bony, no
Even when I'm by myself I got that XD so I'm never lonely, bltt
Percocet's, Xanax, Molly, yeah, that shit killing me slowly, ok

[Verse 4: Summrs]
Please stop tryna race us
That shit way too slow, ok
My new bitch she Asian and she from the O
Ten thousand feet in the air but my eyes they way too low
f*ck it I don't even really care
I just poured a whole damn four
Took a picture with a bitch, need a frame
She get wet as my Range
We took the brand off the Range
We took the brand off-
We took the brand off the Range
She get wet as my Range
We took the brand off the Range

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Songwriter(s): Alexzander Pray, Summrs, Autumn

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