Livin' Just 2 Die Lyrics (feat. David Shawty)

Ooh, YungMaxxs, alright!
Summrs, haha!

[Verse 1: Summrs!]
I got the gat, he gon' run up on me
Never switch up and I put that on me
I f*ck these bitches I met off IG
I'm f*ckin' her friend and I put that on me
Been off the oxy's and xans all week
Smokin' on tree, no, this shit not weak
I'm with my glo, with my g-a-n-g
Workin' too hard, I been feelin' like Chief
Money counter, yeah, that bitch go "beep!"
I'm in that Hellcat and you in a Jeep
Smokin' gelato and sippin' on tea
They way I do drugs, I might end up like Peep
Ain't chasin' that hoe, plenty fish in the sea
But most of them fishes, they wanna f*ck me
Kickin' shit with lil' Max on the beat
Kickin' shit with them racks up on me
Yeah, I'm with the gang, I'm with the glo
Hellcat, yeah, top speed on go
Boy, you need to go you a bro
And stop chasin' other hoes
I'm with the gang, I'm with the glo
Boy, you need to come get you a bro
Hellcat on go
Stop chasin' that hoe

[Verse 2: David Shawty]
In the club, feelin' tipsy, do you miss me?
I feel like I'm dying am I tripping?
Gone off that gas, I be smokin' gelato
I'm paranormal, ain't willin' to stop, bro
I'm doin' all I can, baby, [?], baby
Run away with me, run away with me
Cinderella land, we gon' make believe
Pop a thousand beans, pop a thousand percs
I feel like the worst, I feel like I'm worthless
Baby, I'm so cursed, baby I just wanna go home
Come with me, I'mma leave you, I don't wanna see nothing again
I don't wanna see nothing again
I'm in a digital land, I been feelin' like a princess
I'm an angel but I'm fallin' to the demons
I don't give a f*ck, when I pop a pill, I'm fiendin'
I be off these drugs just to cope with all the reasons, yeah
Aye, aye, just to cope, just to cope

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Record Label(s): 2020 SLAYWORLD
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