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Calico From Mehico
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Calico From Mehico Lyrics

(Ayy, Geo got them bands, huh?)
(Double R, yeah, bird business)

Geo, we got them bands, bitch (Geo, we got them bands)
I'm finna slut out a fan, bitch (I'm finna slut out a fan)
You know I carry them racks, bitch (You know I carry them)
I'm finna hit my lil' dance (Hit my lil' dance)
You know I ain't going for nothin' (Know I ain't going for nothin')
I just left the club with two friends (Just left the club with two friends)
Sosa, he sluttin' her out (He sluttin' her out)
Lil' Jay, he ride with them Glocks (Know he ride with them)
Try it, your ass'll get knocked (Bop-bop-bop-bop)
I got this shit out the box (Out the box)
Paid a car note for this Wock'
Say, p*ssy, come get you a slot (Go get you a slot)
Say, p*ssy, go get you a knot (Go get you a knot)
Why you think I got it? I don't box
Audemars Piguеt, I need it (f*ck it)
f*ck it, I'm fightin' these demons (I'm fightin' thеse demons)
f*ck it, I'm seeing my demons (Demons)
In my cup every night, see my demons (Yeah, uh-huh)
In that Bimmer, lil' bitch, we is beamin' (Beamin')
She eatin' all of my semen (Rrt)
f*ck your lil' racks, I don't need it (Woo)
f*ck your lil' feat', you could keep it
I rather dress up my nina, she gon' f*ck me soon as she see me
I'll put you up, give me a reason (Give me a reason)
Full of that syrup, got me leanin'
On the top floor, clutchin' the calico (Clutchin' the calico)
f*ck you, boy, I'll let it go (Let it go)
High as f*ck off of these medicals (Uh-huh)
You is so broke, I'ma let you know (Do it, yeah-yeah)
Blowin' up premium Texaco (Uh-huh)
Locked in with some niggas from Mexico (Yeah)
Give that lil' p*ssy some fentanyl (Mexico)
All of my niggas some bulldogs (Bulldogs)
Book bag off this football
That calico go through any walls (Calico, calico)
Cartier frames, I ain't seeing y'all (Calico, calico)
Standin' on business, I stand tall (Calico, calico)
Yeah, f*ck it, 5.56 at his nugget (f*ck it, 5.56 at his nugget)
f*ck it, up it, if he don't hit my ass, he in trouble (Hit my ass, he in trouble)
Change the subject, f*ck it, all these drugs gettin' smuggled
All these bitches gettin' hit, all these niggas gettin' spinned (All these niggas get spinned)
The last nigga supposed to get spinned, call Sosa, see how it went (Call Sosa, see how it went)
I'm straight, but he got me bent, dumb nigga died on fent' (Bent, dumb nigga died on fent')
Lil' nigga tried to keep up, tryna keep a cup but can't pay rent (Can't pay for rent)
This bitch came over to vent, how the f*ck she end up hit? (Yeah, how the f*ck she end up hit?)
Nigga can't tell me shit, bitch can't tell me shit
Lil' bitch, I'm rich, I keep a pole, I'm fishin' (I'm rich, uh-huh)
Nigga can't tell me shit, look at my wrist (Can't tell me shit)
Look how that bitch is drenched, look how much money I spent
Living a sin, bitch, I gotta repent, Dior pants with no lint (Dior pants with no lint)
Look at that bad lil' bitch, like how her ass just sit (Uh-huh, like how her ass just sit)
Catch me in traffic, bitch, I got that static, bitch (Bow-bow)
I got that ratchet, bitch, I'm with a ratchet bitch (Bow-bow)
Look at my fabrics, kid, you can't afford this shit (Bow)
I want a Maybach truck sittin' on Forgi's, bitch (On Forgi's, bitch)
(Double R, bird business)

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Songwriter(s): Summrs
Record Label(s): 2022 Summrs
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