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Divine Intervention Lyrics


[Verse 1: Sulaiman]
Is your GPS off niggas?
Crew full of lost niggas moved in the dark niggas
Ever had the thought nigga
The city sent you off nigga
Sniffing on fairy dust could've been fettied up better yet boss niggas
But you had to go and wet the levee up
Ego got ahead a ya, ya petty trynna spar against God niggas

Nah niggas

Short arm aim steady but the rain heavy
In Duane Reade like a lame for the pain medi
Ya refrain looking at the change cause the chains heavy
And it ain't letting you redeem what your dame Eddie'd

Signed just to get that ring
But you didn't see that string
Tied to the purse in the first place guess it ain't a thing, noun
But I'm sleep though

[Hook: Sulaiman]
What you see as a last second shot on your block to me is a free throw
Might just use my passport this weekend and go Heathrow
I've got something real special for you if you look through the peephole
Shout out to my people
This kush smoke
[Verse 2: Sulaiman]
You know what the Kush do
Make a Black man feel king Timbuktu
Paradigm make a pair a dimes feel like a finish line to a rarer mind when he run thru

All swords art of war nigga Sun Tzu
Metaphor put the top up, un-coupe
Is that uncouth? To duck shots not JFK
When you from the 3-1-2?
Yeah I breathe some-flu and some penicillin
Money stacking in the mattress until I feel the ceiling
Till I got her flipping acrobatic like it been a minute
Hold up, wait a minute put some pimping it

Easy to lead you a breezy to skeezing but harder to father a daughter in karma
Trynna get away from the bed that you made head in a daze so you strong arming the ganja

Would alarm you but I'm sleep tho..

[Hook: Sulaiman]
You either high or lower no equal
I'm like Steve Segal with no sequel
High in the sky with the eyes on the prize like a motherf*cking seagull
Sitting all regal on Stony Island at the Regal

[Verse 3: Sulaiman]
I keep having this dream where I'm running in the forest
As I hum the perfect chorus out of nowhere here the motherf*cking boys trynna run me down
Jump in my pockets take my objects keys and wallet
Got no warrant just obnoxious so I go there
Punch a bloodsucking piggy in his f*cking mouth

Strange trip, anytime that a nigga get to shape-shift aboard spaceships
And see ancients beneath basements I X-ray vision foundations
I think Fresh Prince would be a great prince
I think Prince be changing hoes nameses
Some niggas rap cause the cane too dangerous
Don't lane switch to slam brakes bitch

But you sleep tho

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