Kill'em In The Face Lyrics (feat. Scoop De'Ville)

When you see me in the place start chillin
You know I keep it jam packed from the floor to the celing
You think I give a damn, that you’re rollin’ with some villains
If you feelin like a boss, man, bro, go get ‘em. (Go Get 'Em!)
I kill ‘em in the face like (clack, clack, clack, clack, clack)
Kill ‘em in the face (clack, clack, clack, clack, clack)
Kill’ em in the face like(clack, clack, clack, clack, clack)
Kill ‘em in the face like (clack, clack, clack, clack, clack)
I make ‘em pass out
f**k a face, down punk, puff away poof
Evaporate suckers, I decapitate a brother
When you get me in the booth with Scoop
I told ‘em I was comin, but they fronted like my shit wasn’t official
Then the single started popping like ‘Oops’
I shook a little sugar in your ice tea
‘Oh, I think they like me’
It might be the twenties on the coupe.hmm
I doubt it, ‘cuz I’m ‘bout it from my feet to my fitted
My shit is nasty, you people need to freakin’ admit it
By now, you know it, you noticed I’ve been growing a grip
A white rapper (Hmm.) they should do a show on this shit
“Hallelujah Holla back”
, this is California Crack
And it’s coming from the
I see your little crew falling back, why you crawling with the Mack
Cuz you know you motherf**kers won’t shoot
I’m in the hood now, rolling with a half pound
Chilling at the crack house, cutting up loops
These haters want to hate now, ‘cuz they a’int got my sound
Set the whole building on fire, f**k a roof
Got money on my mind, I insinuate the shine
Make these bitches go blind like Magoo
They see me on the grind, I’m high of the pine
What you pay for one, that’s what I pay for two
I hit ‘em in the face like “Smack!”, blow your hold wig back
Turn brains into meatball soup
I’m leaving no trace, so they’re ain’t no case
A couple of court dates, and after that I’m through
Get money till I die, I got your supply
Hoes wonder why, they ain’t got a clue
Still known for crime, I drop my own dimes
I feed ya to your lions at the L.A. Zoo

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Record Label(s): 2012 Tokyo Sex Whale Records

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