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Theory Of Everything
String Theory
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Theory Of Everything Lyrics

Yo, gather thoughts for the travels lost magnum force sparks
Smash a corpse into apple sauce, rap avatars, back track crash massive stars
Ragnarok's what these laws cost, pause, raw songs for them dogs crossed
Launch bombs from the gods palms grab ya cross
Mad applause for this album's clause, its source
But the hammer that forged man was flawed, its drawn, wrong

Verse 1
Word is bond let me correct, he shatters this vast galactic levee and jets
Ain't a set heavier he's met deadlier threats barely a vet
But the vexed envy he's wary of hasn't buried him yet, so he, walks past it
Talks fast with his jaw spastic, draws asterisks on mental walls
Small fragments, its all graphic, the short whore the tall half wit
Stark accents, court orders, frauds acting, he starts laughing
This shit isn't really surprising to watch his body dematerializing
See he's realizing to leave the environment that keeps him
He must seek the assignment's completion
To flee the islands beach you must reach the horizon, so heed the advisement
Read me the fine print, bereave me with nonsense relieve the confinement
This speech be a diamond conceived via climate, a plea perceived via rhyming
All these bleak beliefs deceive me in silence, the gods inner, self

"When you hear the science guys talking about the theory of everything
We're not talking about the same thing."


Verse 2
He's a pawn storming his chess board
Stays ignoring laws to conquer this next score through frail states
And stalemates he tells fates and just checks y'all
His fail safe's to quell hate with this dense wall
Of quark matter, raw chatter, logged data
Nigga jogs through the fog making smog scatter but he's bogged rather
The kid is caught, in the dark, with a heart, that just throbs in clogged spatter
So it won't add up, not in this world the only honest thought he got is his girl
So he calls at her, but she won't answer, just a false prankster
All his stalled feelings fall he dissolves faster, 'til he's gone past the
Point of no return, sparks a joint and as it slowly burns thinks of all he learned
This one thought got him beside himself
Yo he found the theory of everything inside himself, yea

"And all that which lies between. From the cells to the stars
To the quantum particles, oh yes we're going a lot deeper with this one"


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