Tssf In Da Bay Pt. Ii Lyrics

TSSF in the bay part 2 mother f**kers
Yee boy, yee yee yee yee yee
Keep your eyes on the prize
Hey, hey shut up
Will has a small dick!

TSSF in the bay (TSSF in the bay) [x4]

[Kevin Geyer:]
My name is Kevin Geyer
You can call me Kevin King
Bitches talkin hella shit but I'm still making millions
Now I'm driving in my car slappin The Story So Far
And I'm kickin it with PCAN cus you know he got bars
Even though I go to church, I rep the 4-2-0
And even though I may be young there isn't much that I don't know
Cus every little thing I say & every little thing I do
Will only further prove the fact my crew is better than you

Yo it's Jeff? [?] & I made this beat
95? livin, baby run this street
Story So Far in the bay once again
East bay pop-punk til the end
Slidin through the hood in my black 4 Runner
Pimp mack paddy wack mother f**kin stunner
Fast, this dub see biz
Story So Far homie on like shit

TSSF in the bay (TSSF in the bay) [x4]

[Ryan Torf:]
Wassup, it's Ryan f**kin Torf in the hood once again
Laying that dope beat down, spin that dope shit out
Making that dope sound gettin me far off the ground
Like the blunt being passed spinnin me round & round
Pass it off to PCAN & it hits my boy Will
Buddy looks at me like he knows my looks kill
So I snatch it back, look dead at the bleed
Then I kill that shit straight boy looks back at me
Blew that smoke in his face & he fell to his knees
Gotta realize that that's how I deal with my trees
In the kitchen cookin flow with bass & the dough
Make a nice sweet hook at the pop-punk side show
Cars sittin hard, white tees, Nike sneakers
Except the [?] are all f**ked off the sub & the speakers
That's how I deal with the big bass all day now let's hear ya say

TSSF in the bay (TSSF in the bay) [x4]

[Kelen Capener:]
Ahh K to the E to the L Kellen Killer
I slay candy at school, I'm a number one seller
Playing bass in the band so I'm keepin it low
Find me slappin at shows while I'm blappin on hoes
Gettin wicky with your girly in the back of my car
It's your fault that you took her to see The Story So Far
No trees, no boos it's the life that I choose
I'm a master MC & you bet I don't lose

[Parker Cannon:]
PCAN, it's a four letter word
I don't gotta say it bitch you already heard
My style's absurd, just listen & learn
While me, Torf & Kevin roll up a bleez & burn
I usually don't rap, I really don't spit
But when my verse drops all the boppas want dick
Shyeah, but I tell em "kick rocks!"
I might spit fire but I stay at punk rock

TSSF in the bay (TSSF in the bay)


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