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Just smile, just a smile
Just smile, just a smile
Just smile

Just because the morning's sunny
To say hello, to say good-bye
Maybe something strikes you funny
Or you don't know exactly why

Ain't no reason to try and hide it
A whole lot easier to let it out
First it's playin' with your eyes
Then it's makin' mischief around your mouth

Just smile, just a smile
Just smile, just a smile
Just smile

Lookin' at a sea of smilin' faces
Knowin' we're the same inside
Feelin' good to be together
Feelin' glad to share the ride

See the rainbow, see the baby
Get in the picture with the groom and bride
Holler 'cheese' and face the polaroid
Show the love you feel inside

Do you work at a job you despise? do you live with cockroaches? have you been mugged lately? did your favorite jeans shrink in the wash? everyone has problems. it doesn't mean you have to be a sourpuss. after all, the expression you wear on your face is far more important than the clothes you wear on your back. instead of letting the inside influence the outside, make the outside influence the inside. act the way you want to feel. if you want to be happy, start now.

Just smile, just a smile

A smile makes someone who's mad not mad
A smile makes someone who's sad not sad
A smile makes good people outta the bad
A smile is an asset you always had

It can bring you back from the end of the world
Pick you up when you feel down
Put you in touch with your fellow man
Take an ugly situation and turn it around

Just smile, just a smile

And now testimonial from former bag lady, wilma fox:

I was in the gutter on the wrong side of town
I'd sunk as low as a woman can go
Eating outta garbage cans and sleeping on the ground
And prayin' for a miracle to turn my life around

One day last summer I was down to nuthin'
The air was gritty, the subway was an oven
Classic new york city, everybody shovin'
The crowd was uncouth, gettin' mad, gettin' strange
'cept the man in the booth, the man makin' change

He looked me in the eye as he handed me a token
He flashed me a smile and a spell was broken
Just a smile, just smile, just a smile, just smile

I bust thru that turnstile, I ran to my train
People still looked hostile but somethin' had changed
My express pulled in, the doors swung wide
And I started to grin as I stepped inside

I smiled as the train pulled outta that station
Sorta tickled by the humor of my own situation
Just a smile, just smile, just a smile, just smile

And my attitude spread to all fellow riders
They looked at each other and threw off those blinders
Eyes that were dead suddenly shone
One by one, they were touched, touched to the bone

As they exited that car, great smiles burst forth
Like the evenin' star, like breezes from the north
Then one by one, they all departed
And I saw what the man in the change booth had started

Just smile, just a smile

A smile is a very infectious thing. it spreads joy. it's a sign of caring. success or failure is caused by your mental attitude, not your mental capacity. yes, a smile can pick you up outta the gutter, make you prosperous. now I take taxis. you just have to smile once and the whole world will smile with you. and remember that old chinese proverb: man without smiling face must not open shot. paste that in your hat, honey. smile.

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