Wishing Lyrics


I got this EX girlfriend
She act's like she no's she hot
It's f**king pissing me off
Cause back then
When we were going out
She wasnt like that
She was all perfect till summer was out
Now she's with this guy named Matt
Hes lucky that hes with her
Matt i still adore her
I swear dont break her heart
Cause i'll put u in a coma
Cause i'll break your face
And dont bully her around
Cause i'll do something to you called pound
I swear i aint taking somme other shit
If u talk shit
Behind my back
Il be there as soon i ear the crap
If u say won word to my face
You shouldent cause it will be a discrase
To you and your face
Cause you girlfirend will be calling for safe
I dont give a f**k
Cause il kill you motherf**ker
You cocking sonavabitch
You stold her from me
I'll steel her from u cause shes my bitch
What you u gona do hit me
I dare you Matt
I'll f**k you up
i did 4 songs on you
I've been drinking 7up
And thinking of you
But its not good thinking
There's a knife infront of my face
Its telling me to stab u in the face
In the way its a good thinking
You dont no how i loved her
Now 2 guys comme a bogers in
To break up me and her
Mitch is calling in
Everynight to talk on the phone
But why the f**k
I was going out with her you f**king stone
But i dont care shes man just a oucares anyway
I dont love her no more
You can have her if u want
She thinks shes all the shit
But u no what i think u shouldent go for her
Cause you can have better
Evan Jessie,Sara and Shank
Noes it you drummer
O and Max i dont have a problem with you man
Serge i aint got nothing against you
Jean i dont have a problem with u 2 man
High Gear i dont have a problem with you's
I never hade a problem with you's man
i only got 1
And that won is from Warren
His name is Matt
You no what Matt
f**k YOU!!!

Now back to Sar
Yo girl i love you all my heart
And i swear
Cause you with this lil tart
He thinks hes the hottest chick around
I say chick cause his hair is full of shit all around
Sara u no i love you
Your just being a bitch
Cause you never frenched me and i loved you
First party u went at u french'd the sonavabitch
Your lucky i was stone'd and drunk
Cause he would be dead
Floating in the lake
With a slice trew is head
I would be here sitting with a big cake
Infront of my face saying
Good job for killing
Well it dident append
Everyday i go to school
i see u to motherf**kerz kissen
It makes me jelious
cause i cant beleive u kissing him
It's like kissing an annus
I cant beleive we fell apart just like that
It pisses me off cause u dump me for hey
Dump cocking sanavabitch that
Stold u from me
I look at you its like good times
Cause your bieautiful eyes looks at me
And its saying to me
Dam i love her
But you dont understand
I love you like DAM!!
Why wont you listen to me
I've bine trying to say
That your f**king hot
Everyday my brain is saying
Look at her shes so f**king hot
My dream is to get married
Me and u starting a life in too
A nice place
And two little children
But no you want to
Stay with that ugly face
If you want children
With that Matt
Its gona be a real discrace
Cause there gona be handicap
But its you choice
I cant push you what to do
Just make a good choice
Cause i dont want to see you
Beside the streets in T.O
Saying hey yo
You have money
Cause i'll brake down and cry
And give you all i got
Cause i loved you since i was big like spot
Matt if you hit her
Just dont do it
Cause i'll have to hit you
Just dont do it
Cause if you hit her i'll have to go to court
I'll have to spend 25
A sentence for life
Sara what appen to the days when u were shy
You f**king squat
Sara im sorry if im calling you names
Cause i dont give a f**k
Im not ashame
I just like talking about sluts
You f**king lesbian
Im calling you a lesbian
Cause your going out with a pussy
That looks like a big sissy
But do you remember all those good times we had
And do you remember things werent so bad
We were kissing
And touching
Why you think thats bad
Well i dont
But you were looking so sad
Maby its cuase you were shy
In those times
But why arent u so shy today
Thats what im asking my self today
But i just want u too no something
You f**k'd my life u bitch
You boy thinks hes all rich
But he wont when im finish
Cause his dad will have to pay 10 thousend
Too bery him
I hope he says f**king him
And he throw's him in the lake
Like i hade in mind

Stephane Lacroix:Tuesday June 7th 2005 9:56pm

--->Working on the Chrorus

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