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Twinkle Twinkle Patrick Star Lyrics

Twinkle Twinkle Patrick Star
And I made myself a sandwich
My mommy named it Fred
It tastes like beans and bacon
And smells like its been dead

Writing stuff is hard
So I use a pointy pencil.

Pointy, pointy, pointy,
Pointy, pointy, point

P-U what's that horrible smell?
I have a head,
It ends in a point.

Pointy, pointy, pointy,
Pointy, pointy, point

This song is over
Except for this line

you win this round,


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Meaning to "Twinkle Twinkle Patrick Star" song lyrics (14 meanings)
Russ May 12, 2014-17:29

The 1st verse describes Patrick's tragic childhood memory of his stillborn younger brother and his difficulties in school that led to self-mutilation. The second sums up his lingering feelings of worthlessness and his desire to die and become one with the Earth.
unknown March 28, 2010-21:18

this song is hilarious because just because look at the last line it says broccoli my friend and i sing it all the time
Katie November 21, 2010-17:28

Oh my gosh! This song just played on the tellie! XD hahhahha! I Love Spongebob! Patrick should have made it a little longer though.... it's ending makes my head sad.... ;) Nah! I love it!
Mayhem Man June 7, 2014-21:04

I just watched this episode 5 times to memorize the lyrics. Thank you so much, Patrick. You have brought class and humor to my life. I really hope you continue writing songs! The song should be longer, and add more Pointies and Broccoli! I hope there is still more rounds to come.
Chase July 19, 2011-10:13

I was just here because I wanted to.I didn'tknow ... ub ... never mind. THIS ROCKS!!!! Except for the Goofy Goober Rock thing on iTunes and in the end of the SpongeBob Squarepants Movie. LOL!:D
brocolli aka makenzee July 16, 2011-0:55

his mommy named it Fred? as in the dude with the weird high-pitched voice? how can brocolli win a round? of ANYTHING? dont tell me it's patricks writing as your answer, please
Emma May 10, 2017-20:50

This song is a fun song to look at if you are bored after school of something like that. Patrick may seem like a stupid retard to you, but to me, he is a funny touch to Spongebob. Btw, Fred is that guy on the show that yells "MY LEG" even if he gets poked in the eye. I'm so glad the Patrick isn't an angry bar person like he was supposed to be.
Anony April 17, 2017-23:36

Loved this song, and Patrick lmfao. Whole song made me weak, Patrick made being weird fun and hilarious
handle with CARE November 17, 2012-16:24

dr Jekyl Mr Hyde steals heartn smiles of kidsnmoms with idiot spongebob...What about Bob oh ya baby there is another
MineKitty:) October 19, 2012-17:28

Fred is a dude with a weird voice, Patrick likes pointy things, I win this round, Patrick also likes broccoli and I'm watching this episode now. ;) has anyone seen squidwards suicide
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