What's Our Style Lyrics

people from everywhere gather around
listen to the sound Splash is throwing down
yo, the point that i'm making is easy as this
we just some young niggas and we trying to make it rich
a lot of singers out there dont think that we are for real
i'm here to tell them we are, so here's the deal
i dont care if they tell me if im rock or if im rap
i dont really care it aint no skin off my back
this is pure and uncut, the way it comes out
all my boys in splash know what im talkin about
music straight from the minds of me d and b
when we bust ryhmes, we make it look easy'whatever comes out is what we
so when you ask me to sing a song, ima do it my way
ya'll wanna know our style
just stay here for a while
we be the band that rocks 'cause we go the extra mile
we be the band that kick it wit all the high class niggas
and we can settle differences without pullin a trigga
yo, i like to rap but the band likes to rock
and when we clash we cant help but be on top
we got the best of both worlds and when they come together
you can call it rap, rock, hip-hop whatever
record stores having trouble classifying us
put a couple on every aisle, 'cause our music is a must
or put us by the greatest hits 'cause thats where we belong
cause we're not a band thats good for just one song
we belong on top and we're well on our way'
but when they want to know our style this is what i say
(repeat chorus)
yo ive been called a rockin rapper and many other names
all i know is that music is my claim to fame
maybe im not a rocker, but maybe i dont rap
just call me an entertainer and leave it at that
me and the rest of splash got our own style of music
call it rockin or rappin long as it keeps the people movin'
so i dont care what you say and i dont care what you think
'cause im gonna be the one makin millions before im old enough to drink
(repeat chorus)

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