Kill That Noise Lyrics

[Intro: Paul Keating, John Laws and radio caller]
Keating: Are you challenging the High Court decision? Are you saying that the High Court has got this all wrong?

Caller: No, I am not saying that at all. I wouldn't know who was on the High Court

Keating: Well why don't you sign off, if you don't know anything about it and you're not interested, good bye. You can't challenge these things and then say, I don't know about them

Laws: Well he's gone

[Verse 1:]
Does uh... anyone mind if I turn this shit off?
It's f*cking up my day
Now, if you'll allow me to read from the chapter of the heathens
Who don't believe in the script from which they're reading
Breathing the righteous air my heart beating
On a hunger strike while the world keeps feeding
Some call it dreaming; I prefer scheming
Gleaming while I break bread with the demons
Could never join 'em so I guess I'll have to beat them
Sixteen lines at a time, getting even
Everybody want their time on the stage
We all want the limelight on our face
Uh, politics it's like hip-hop, why?
Because the best lies are getting paid
With less progress getting made
They pedalling fear like it's going out of style
But it ain't, it's trendy all year 'round
All season, but I could never wear that, even if it's freezing

Mister, mister, kill that noise, you ain't sayin' nothing to me
On my TV screen tryna' give away dreams
But in this world, ain't nothing for free
And it's like everywhere I go, all I ever see
But when it all comes out, then you'll know what I mean
Now that'll be something to see
To see, to see
[Verse 2:]
Now in my hometown, everybody got somewhere to be
They got places to go, got people to see
I'll tell you my definition of luxury
Money for nothing and we for free
Keep a red head in the pocket like BHP
But it ain't to stop a tax like the GST
Nah homie, this here's for the THC
High like definition on a DVD
But I've seen some of those, believe you me
Damn near caught a case from the DPP
Getting Centrelink ?? with a JOB
Down at UTS tryna get my degree
And I got it, yeah I got it, what I got it for?
Missed my graduation, I was on tour
With Cypress Hill, ain't that f*cking ill?
But what you're doing with your life, I'm not sure
Man, kill that noise


[Verse 3:]
Now if you know Nick Lupe, you know I love women
Heart of a saint, but damn, I love sinning
For all my flaws, I never been one to diss 'em
No disrespect, man, I was raised different
For instance, I know some clowns
They run around town, all annoyed as hell
They run their mouth, they put girls down
'Cos they're out here tryna enjoy themselves
Look: That don't make her a slut
And you ain't got the right to degrade her as such
Yeah, she getting drunk, and maybe she wanna f*ck, so what?
She doing the same thing as us
I'm tryna do away with the double standards
2012, they still running rampant
But nowadays, just a little more underhanded
Man, kill that noise, I can't f*cking stand it


Yeah, that'll be something to see, to see, to see
It's like everywhere I go, all I ever see
But when it all comes out, you'll know what I mean

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Songwriter(s): JONCE, Raph, Adit, Nick Lupi
Record Label(s): 2013 Spit Syndicate under exclusive license to Inertia Pty Ltd
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