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My quiet observations on the bus city people lost trust
Maudleys out patients are shouting with the pavements
They looking rough can’t get to grips so they end up
looking worse than shit
Maybe if I can see who there talking too I might talk
to them to so they can prove
The spirit never lies but before I get to try the
clouds open up and let god cry
Why is this white lady nervous cause 3 black youths
come on so she checking were her purse is
Make me feel nervous like they aint my country like
they don’t really want me
But mummy always love me I never had a daddy it was me
and my mummy
Mummy was my daddy I can either cry or see it as funny
How you can have a child and then just leave
Now I’m walking around with my heart on my sleeve cause
I’m effected anytime anybody leave
You can see my scars and hear my silent screams
I been reading books to analyse my dreams and to me it
The only chance we get to make sense of it is when we
put our heads down a little bit
That’s why I’m spittin it cause each one teach one and
you can take it how you want don
Right now I got a lot of work to do
I gotta smooth out my edges
Eat more vedges
Listen to my elders
Vibe with my peers
Confront my fears and
Finish this album
Right now I got a lot of work to do
I gotta represent the youth
Speak more truth
Eat more fruit
Get wise with my years
Confront my fears and
Finish this album

But it seems I get side tracked it’s like a mind trap I
get a call real late bout were the foods at
Cause certain man a certain place got certain food to
taste so my Nikes are laced
And I was never really one to stay awake through a
working day for them little bit pay yo
This nine to five is just killing me slowly but
quitting is for quitters so I wait until they fire me
But now no one will hire me cause I got more lies in my
CV than a pro’s had STD’s
When will they see I was born to reign entrapment is my
pain I need to feel alive again
I need a man that compliments my stride ovastand I’m
this way until I die
Has ambitions of his own so ovastand i don’t wanna be
alone I just need a little time in my zone
This one goes out to my shotters in the alleys were all
brothers and sisters were all family
All my sisters trying to raise there babies all the
youth man with court cases crazy
It’s like the smarter you are the bigger your worries
stupid people are lucky trust me
This one goes out to my people with ambition I’m still
learning I’m still trying but for now

Honesty is courage and since I got the heart of a lion
then there’s no sense in lying
I portray my life over violins no matter what it brings
least I’m being real
When I look at my future I fear failure I fear the fact
that you might not like me
I know I’m skilled but just maybe slightly what if my
light don’t shine so brightly
I’m scared of that I’m telling you the truth I’m scared
of that
What if the doctor said you couldn’t have children
What if the system they tried to topple what I’m
billing better living for all my ghetto children
And I don’t mean were you live I mean your state of
Cause ghettos not just a place ghetto is a vibe
And I don’t need no boastie words or complicated flows
If I know what I gotta do then I flow
But sometimes I get tired sometimes I lose faith I
guess that’s the reason that we got to church
Cause when you at the bottom of the barrel it hurts
need something to believe in and God works You think
spiritual is just hocus pocus what you really saying is
you have not noticed
Inside us all is a silent protest you can acknowledge
or ignore but me

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Record Label(s): 2009 Big Dada
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