Livin' Like A Star Lyrics

Yo, I used to be in love with this girl named jill
I know why, because she had the butt like that of a hill
But you couldn't tell me nothin, cause jill was number one
Cause to me, oh my god, how she made me come
I shoulda knew the consequences from the get-go
She would use me like a puppy from a pet show
But like a fool in love I fell for her game
But ah - I got mine everytime I came
You know the place, flatbush avenue
Where I first met the hoe, I said, "yo, haven't you
Been around before, did we get down before?
I forget, but I bet I met you in a store
Mickey d's - yeah, now I remember"
She said, "that was for school, I needed money in september
Cause I'm a member of the booster squad"
And I was thinkin to myself: I knocked her boots so hard
That's just what I did, until we had a kid
Now the bitch got half my money, plus the crib
Plus the car, plus the limo with the bar
But I guess that's what you get when you're livin like a star

Livin like a
Livin like a
Livin like a star

Every day I wake up, I take up my pen
I write a dope rhyme, then I stretch and bend
And I excercise, wipe the boogers out my eyes
And so on... let me go on to the surprise
I'm chillin in my couch in a slouch-like position
Thinkin of a way to spend the day like fishin
Nah - dairy - yeah - cheese
Yo, that's the way to go, but no polly-o, please
Picked up the phonebook, lookin at the pages
Lookin at the star rating right beside the ages
Looked under 'x' for 'sex' and saw stacy
Yeah, you know the one that we call dick tracy
Yes, I think that she can solve my case
So I call her on the phone, she was home alone
She said, "come over to my place, I'll cook dinner"
Ring-ring-ring-ring - I think we got a winner
Threw on some dip for the trip across town
Yo, I got to go, cause the hoe is down
So I hopped inside of the rented corolla
Saw another girlie, she was pushin on a stroller
I said, "yo baby," then "hello, mother"
And then I said, "wait a minute, where is the other? "
She said, he said, he wasn't stayin with her
"but maybe we can drop the baby by the sitter
And go for a ride, if I was you, I'd consider"
I dropped the kid off about three blocks away
Went back to the bush to collect my pay
When I got to the crib ma dukes was home
So I couldn't go inside, cause then I couldn't bone
Bone - t-bone - yeah, good thinkin
Got to his crib faster than you could blink, and
T-bone was home alone, I said, "t
You got to look out now, come on now, this is me
I got cheese, and she's bein naughty"
I heard some footsteps, then came 40
40 lover smooth like groove to the butter
He was busy guzzlin a 40 like water
He said, "ed, let's go get another
No, get two for me, you and my brother"
I said, "bet, while I jet just wait"
Went outside just a minute too late
I didn't know where the hell honey dip went till
I saw the cheese breeze by in my rental
Oh, it's sugar, she stole my car
But I guess that's what you get when you're livin like a star

Livin like a
Livin like a
Livin like a star
Livin like a
Livin like a
(super) (superstar)
Livin like a
Livin like a
Livin like a star
(every other month I get a brand new car)

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Songwriter(s): Edward K. Archer, Howard A. Thompson
Publisher(s): Promuse Inc.
Record Label(s): 1990 Arista Records LLC
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