You Know My Name Lyrics

I'm SPM, you know my name
I'm the one that came up out the dope game
I've payed my dues and kept my cool
I'm the one that told your kid to stay in school
I'm from the streets, thank god for rap
I creep through my hood in the smoke-gray 'llac
Contradiction on my chest, Versace on my clothes
I got too many, too many...heh, YO
I'm shakin bakin cookies turnin rookies into vets
I used to see my dreams through a foggy Pyrex
My Lexus outside plus I got a 64
But my Benz is wrapped up around a telephone pole
I'm drippin candy wet and I'm swangin 84s
Nothin but the screw bangin in my radio
I'm blowin Miss Mary and I'm sippin on sherry
Give my homey's mama money for his commissary
My name is..

Esssss Peeeee Emmmmm
South Park Mexi-
Esssss Peeeee Emmmmm
South Park Mexi-
Esssss Peeeee Emmmmm
South Park Mexi-
Esssss Peeeee Emmmmm
South Park Mexi-
Esssss Peeeee Emmmmm
South Park Mexicaaaaan

Hehe, yo pass the green of weed tweedle lee tweedle la
livin like a king, feel the steam in my spa
before I walk I gotta teach myself to crawl
I started off small now I'm stronger than the law
you know my name, I'm SPM
in this rap game I'm the cream a la creme
I tell you what it is and I'll tell you what it was
exotic foreign minks and imported Asian rugs
police at my door fedaralis on my phone
I guess I'm makin too much money with my microphone
I did my time; no sunshine
it seems like they only wanna handcuff mine

Esssss Peeeee Emmmmm
South Park Mexi-
Esssss Peeeee Emmmmm
South Park Mexicaaaaan

Uh. I used to be a shoe shina
now I sip Aunt Jemima
I go to sleep in Europe and wake back up in China
I take and break 'em down represent that H-Town
I'm Los El Mexicano, in english Charlie Brown
my top is on drop and my trunk is on pop
my girl is Snow White in the form of a rock
my hot block is in this in this rap I break a Guinness
blowin indo rollin, 20 dolla pinnas
dancin with the wolfs in my southern side hood
got seven brick houses all made out of wood
I'm either at the park where my homeys shootin jumpas
or in the limosuine gettin freaked by head huntas
you name my name

South Park Mexi-
Esssss Peeeee Emmmmm
South Park Mexi-
Esssss Peeeee Emmmmm
South Park Mexicaaaaan

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Record Label(s): 2010 Dope House SoSouth
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Meaning to "You Know My Name" song lyrics (6 meanings)
AngieeMaee 03/02/11,18:12

Spm Iz Dah Beast..Diz Waz Dah First Song i Ever Heard By Him..Betta Dan Eny Other Rapper Out There...&&' Dont Be Sayin Spm Rape Lil Gurlz Cuhz I Dnt Think U Were There..&&' Even Saw Him Do Nun.!!!!!!!
PB-CUE 06/04/10,11:34

Spm is the best. Keep doing what you know to do best carlos, even though your locked up don't let yourself down and prove these gueros we as mexicans can make it in the business.
BLanKa aK gigglEZz 02/19/10,00:16

HEy maNomEt u Saw hiM doiNG thA ??? I GuEZz NoT ,, loS StAy stRonG mAyn tRue faNzZ wiLL alWaYs bbb tHerE '''''
Anna May Thunder Hawk 11/02/09,15:11

SPM IS SO COOL!! wow i needed to hear this music the beat is alot more better than other rappers,pretty much sure than bone thugs songs but if they ask if bonethugs or SPM wanna rap it i say SPM HOMIE
anna rose white feather 10/27/09,19:04

south park mexicans posters posted up in my room playing not hatin at all,every record i got from the SPM albums i listen to in my room full blast with all my radio speakers bumbing it cause SPM rocks
joanna thunderhawk 10/21/09,19:13

you know my name SPM is the bomb.i listen to it everyday when i go to school every mp3 player i got is downloaded nothing but spm i know it's crazy but (you know my name)is better than the rest essay.
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