Trap Swag Lyrics

Gucci everywhere
Versace everything, let’s get money
Turn up, I’m on tour right now turnt up
Know what I’m saying, I’m bout to go on stage
Turn up, trap swag, yeah, Soulja

Busting down a whole brick, yeah I been getting cash
Busting down a whole thing, I call that trap swag, no joke
Riding in that foreign whip with them sandwich bags, for real
I be riding round with them pounds that, for real
Trap swag, trap swag, trap swag, trap swag
Trap swag, trap swag, trap swag, trap swag
30 bricks, 30 pounds, riding round with sandwich bags
Riding round with all these f**kin pounds, call it trap swag

I’m riding round I’m getting money
I’m getting money I’m riding round
West side, zone 1, we getting cash on my Sarah Turner
West up, West up, West up, (juice, Soulja), what’s up, what’s up, nigga what’s up
Bricks – swing that
Pounds – swing that
Kush up late bam
Pimp, I play around, Forgiato
Yellow diamond shawty pulled up to the car show
Phantom smoke, hookah smoke, Young Dre, f**k that
I be grinding bucket (buckets),
I be grinding bucket (what?)
Foreign whip like f**k it
Send this whole clip
When I step inside the club, got a post up in the VIP, ok
Riding down Vegas in my rarri on the strip
Young Dre, took a player, I get money, f**k a hater, whoa
Riding down the block bustin bricks, yeah I’m getting cash

Bust a whole brick, what I call it, yeah that’s trap swag
Riding on the foreign whip, young trappin getting cash
I been bustin bricks, I been riding round with bricks trap
Trap swag, trap swag, trap swag, I call it trap swag
Riding with a couple gold bricks, call it trap swag
Trap swag, yeah that’s trap swag

Gold Rolex on my wrist, that’s the prezy
Young Dre been getting cash, I been ridin ferarris
Yellow diamond shawty I be posted in the party
Might go cop a vitch, might go cop a Bent
Might go cop a drop top, Diablo 26
Might cop a water whip, Hummer on H
Might cop a bread, bright and hurt they face
Might put my ice on freeze when I skeet
Young Dre and low Jordans l love all of that
Hit the f**kin club throw love make it rain
10 diamonds and they all are on my chain
I done flipped the script, I done changed the game
Riding in that Bentley like I’m slangin chickens
Wake up in the morning and I’m water whippin
I stay getting cash, I stay getting bandz
I stay sippin lean, I stay poppin Xan
Trap swag, bust it out the park
Duffle bag, duffle that, then I double that
Out on soulja bricks, Young Dre kick lick
40-40 zip, 50 for that rip

Trap swag, trap swag, trap swag, trap swag
Riding round the city, bustin bricks with me
Riding round the city, hitting licks, winnin,
Trap swag, trap swag
Yea I call it trap swag, flexin, 50 bricks for the juice
Riding round, bandz, all these f**king bandz
I got all these Xans, call it trap swag
Trap swag, call it trap swag
Trap swag, you know it
Riding round the brick, riding round the pound
I got it, I got it, and it’s comin down
Man we got em, trap swag, ah.

You know we just workin
Them hoes twerkin
Guns jerkin
Pistols squirtin, nigga all that murkin
Trap swag
SOULJAB, oh I flex it uh
Screw, yea!

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