Sepulcher Legionnaires Lyrics

Thanatotic designs upon the blacksmith’s altar
Enhanced implements of annihilation; fallen infantry equipped for war.

Behold: the Sepulcher Legionnaires! The frontline corps; the vile vanguard
Baneful eyes gleam in the darkness to hunt the living, mortal dissidents
Regiments crawl forth from the crypts to be recruited from near and far
Rituals of strength and binding cast upon their armaments

No mercy, no rest for superior soldiers
Desolation follows where they tread.
Dispatched to march against the world
These are the tactics of the dead.

Necromantic refineries produce the weaponry
Golems work the ebony ingots to carry out the killing decree.

Tremble before the Legionnaires – compelled to ravage and slay
Cannons fire upon the walls of the weak, dismal nations
To ensure their allegiance, they must perish and be made to obey
Through military might, the foundation is set for advanced creations.

(repeat chorus)

5. Scourge of the Hierophant

The kings of the sands spat a curse upon this land
Divinity did revile their deeds
A pox of stone to all that denied the throne
The gods did call upon the priests to intercede.

Met at the gates, they stood to actuate
And quell the chattel poised to rebel.
Millions lament at the base of the monuments
Thus did the priests unleash the spell.

As serpents feast on scavenging beasts
Awaken the divine constructs of the Architect!
Obsidian guardians bound by mystic rites
Waiting for the sovereigns to resurrect.

Heed the call of the ancient lords
Scorched skeletons of the slaves
The scepter and the sword
Unworthy to the sons of the highborn graves;
The filth of the world will be purged by the Hierophant.

The blood was strewn and coursed through the spiral runes
Insurgent survivors turned to stone
The king could not see – petrified by the victory
The dire portents still unknown.

The Hierophant did warn of the ash and the coming storm
The doom that crept across the dunes
The wrath of the winds bound all in limestone skin
And buried Pharaoh and subjects in a peasants’ tomb.

(repeat pre-chorus and chorus)

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