Never Ran Never Will Lyrics

You can thank me later you niggas ain't welcome
Bunging number two acting like one we felt this
Try to tell him I'm worming up like the end in me
Finely I'm round it, I'm spending thousand of penny way
I was fifty driving out of state
Niggas know I carry on like small legends out the gape
It's no port and passege, hand pose to id-s
Somebody just take a look to my I'd
Never run, never will that's where I'm from
Ain't nobody buying and no, they buying non guns
Loking for troubles you barrely get what you asking for
I don't mind to hate, I just hate I'm the last to know
You're the man ha? we ain't notice with the writers oin the wall
And I'm jusy hanging pinches over it
From hating in the whole way
To hating in the selfy
How's that making money impropriate
Acting with sneakers, swicth ballers and bitches will beat this
Young balling with a pistol, I'm quiker to
Try to feel up a realest, no sleep for the dremest
Live in contradiction, I'm in might just for meanest
Still feeling like I'm the one and bungiest dealers is bungy in their account
Yeah I ade it without a bugget
Suddenly cause what we like they love it
So you gonna tell me you have styles
This motherf**ker is a rapper
It's gonna take over my new organization?
Listen I don't goev afukc what he do
I want him death, problem?
I don't give a f**k
Telling the nigga rap, you should think of me whenever a nigga clap
We'll be poppin gup whenever these niggas at
Gun down, knock that, several nigga back
And I'm the inapter, lay in the right hand, gun on the left side
Vibing upon the west sid e
A lot of broks in many van
Niggas is writing and probably winning in the main game
Talking to the cops, you a bitch, drug dealers
Free style our favorite dish
Blowing a candel I hoping you death that's the wish
Down the ocean nigga you sleep with the fish
Is LOX til the death and beat block to the top
Take the enthuziasm and be pop pass the cops
Like loking that money nigga I try to see alive

I don't give a f**k, what you have to do
I don't care, you bring that motehrf**ker to me
I will put a stack in his eyes
I will kill him, I will kill his mother
I don't care, we're the truth you lie,
Take that bullshit to the play ground and let it sligh
Fly, they don't do it like us
Put a beat in front of running more like us
I'll place the beat with the sea
Cuz it's seams to me that they like it
When a motherf**king cause
I'll place the beat with the sea
In the air cuz the motherf**ker last
More money, more whores
The system set the key like therty six 0-s
Her mother asking what you round around that guns flow
So I ask her would you like to lose your son now?
No just stuging like f**k it
Therty part of chain, never feel to f**k it
Playing my car drive planny today
I'll be callin shuts this niggas call it grenade
Yeah, we just doing the ball
Tow guns in the hood be round round and go
I'm teling you nigga I'll be looking for you

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