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Trippin Lyrics

Yea maybe I'm trippin ohh
Baby you trippin
I'm trippin ohh

I been trippin over bitches nothing's different shit's the same
I been trippin over feelings fall in love like erry day
I been trippin on a tab of acid I can't feel my face
Trippin over niggas still not knowing what my name is
Sippin on the Henny makes a heartbreak seem so painless
Simpin on the daily got me rapping on some drake shit
Pimpin like a boss my wrist be dripping like a faucet
I'm an awesome mothaf*cka momma told you id be famous
Trippin hol up m m got my new shit on the way
Bitches trippin whoa whoa never told you you could be my bae
Lemme put the tip in, don't trip its the lust thats winning oh shit cus I'm
Trippin on the, tripping over, tripping hol up
Trippin hol up
Im bout to kill it hol up
Draw pistol like crayola bitch
I'll put you in a coma
My art will hang in moma
And not just for the moment
Cus I'm poppin off like cola
I f*cked yo bitch like hol up

That's why you trippin
Nigga you trippin over
Stop trippin
Stop trippin over bitches
[Verse 2]
Trippin on a bitch, trippin on a wallet
Finna get that money yeah I called it
Floating on the beat like magic carpet
Fly as f*ck cus you know I'm the __ tallest
Nigga in the motha f*cking tree
I don't give a shit about a buck for free (thats you)
Niggas wanna sub I see
Nigga my flow so cold it's freeze (Achoo)
Nigga I gotta sneeze
I don't give a shit about you, not you, not you
Bitch I'm on to me
I'm talking me
Hop off of me
Hop off my D

I'm trippin
I'm trippin
I'm trippin
I'm trippin

[Verse 3]
We're just wilted flowers
Hours will devour
Times not in my power
f*ck me I lost our love
And after some days, some nights, some weeks
Keep looking back cus you're all that I need
You just keep acting like you're over me
You'll break my heart but you won't let it beat
Pour out my art, cut my wrist till they bleed
f*ck what I'm saying that's not what I mean
Trippin like ye, ur not B you is D
Cus a bitch you indeed and you

Yea baby you trippin ohh
Maybe I'm trippin
I'm trippin ohh

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Songwriter(s): Son Kuma
Record Label(s): 2019 Son Kuma
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