The Bones Of My Pets Lyrics

I will no go quietly into the backseat of a limo while
you tell me to close my eyes and count to twenty
I've counted to five-billion and the car isn't out of
We've seen death by firetruck, weather by cattle,
cattle by train
Carrying artillery from behind the set of a truce all
the way to the coast of Maine
Where people are doing heroin, on a thing we call
American freedom
But I won't even go there, once you go there you can't
take it back
This is my new style, it's called "throw a boy from a
harrier jet and see where he lands"
See if he still looks cool when his failures are
starting him lock stock and barrel
You know you're a Commie when you're gasping for air
Believe in karma when Bush gets thrown in an electric
Then you can feel safe around others, when pennies
don't look like mirrors
It's death by candlelight the way you got, now till
you're 50 and the young ones are sick of your stories
There there were no glory days, only hope, and now
that's gone
You're chasing yourself in circles because a thing is
only perfect the second before it breaks
I'm trying to crack, like an unwritten almanac living
in a future you'll make it to
Because you heart beats so fast that you'll live twice
as short
The good ones die young, that's why I die every few
years to be reborn
If I live to long its cuz I lived according to my
frames design and quit smoking
Everything, young enough to hopefully not die of cancer
Like my grandmother and the jazz greats
I'm only great when it's a matter of life and death
Only worth my weight in carbon
When I'm swinging my sword under a staving tree that
cannot shield me from the waste that awaits
It's calling me, it knows I'm doomed cuz I'm alive
And I don't wanna join the Bosons, the obscure tribes
of Easter Island
Victims of Tyson, van full of Pakistans, the giant
sloth, and the alumni of Mai Lai

This is my etching in marble, although it's digital
it'll be all that remains other just the songs that no
one needs
This is my etching in marble, although it's digital
it'll be all that remains other than the bones of my

After whatever eleven, every paranoid kid with a web
connection became an explosives expert
I became an idiot expert, I know how they think
Watching the fragile world cave in on the moon
With Gallilleo's scope, almost out of saltines, dancing
on the tip of cyanide syringe
Almost out of clever thoughts and I learned, vocabulary
shrinks if you don't talk enough
It was tough to get here, but I'll be loosing a lung to
get home
With all the money in the world, you can't buy friends
on the moon

They even say there's no water, and no angles will find
your body when you die
Life is like thumbtacks in your heels, yet you feel too
stoned to cry
As if to say creativity is dead, let the Pentium chips
do the thinking
Let the KKK do the governing, let the New York Times
frame the argument
From the Christian Science Monitor, all the way to the
computer monitors, to the security cameras
When it comes to dollars, everyone is a cheerleader
Eating grizzle induced steroids, make up for it by
drinking diet sugar induced water
You pray for world piece!?
I pray from meteors to strike the media
I keep praying for people to stop praying, and play a
constructive role
I love words... like Cortez loved the Mayans

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Record Label(s): 2007 Black Canyon
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