The Hatred 2 Lyrics (feat. Slaine, Madchild & Sicknature)

[Verse 1: Slaine]
The world on my shoulders is heavy but I'm still holdin' it steady
My guns are loaded and ready; son, you should know this already
Hundreds of soldiers are deadly, grudges that no one's forgetting
Punches of smoldering angel dust in my cold-blooded heaven
I rip the page out the Bible, roll tobacco leaves up
I whack a Priest on Easter, now I'm like a crack-up teacher
I drink poison, piss blood and I hack up ether
So kiss Medusa, look her in the eyes and smack her keester
The hatred that drives me, the rage is achin' inside me
I'm came to break in the windows and rape this vacant society
Now the building is shakin' cuz there's an ape in the lobby
Robbing safes in the jewelry scraping and tapin' up bobby
I ain't makin' no movie, I got an atheist hobby
How I act like I'm godless, I'm so satan in gothics
I don't know if you feel me, are you relatin' to all this?
My love is for the darkness, is hatred you call it
This is hate. Hate!

[Verse 2: Madchild]
I'm a f*ckin' mad dog like Floyd Banner
Avoid cannons, my boys destroy whole planets
I'm blowin' up like an Islamic prayin', bombin' trains
Rise from my atomic layer, resurrecting Amadeus
Define challengers, lines of 9 caliber
In your whole world, my mind's the Mayan calendar
I blast a rapper like I'm playin' a game of Galaga
Blowin' up like we the Taliban, my style's infallible
Spit hellfire, breathe holograms
And mother-f*cker, I'm the truth: bring a polygraph
I paint a picture of misfortune using bloody graphics
I walk into a funeral and make a sudden racket
I'm a gladiator, dog; I'm a thoroughbred
I'll slice your throat and leave you bleedin', drippin' pearl red
Sick white boys make a lot of f*ckin' noise, BAXWAR army marchin' deeper than the Ducky Boys

[Chorus: Sicknature] [x2]
There is hate
Wherever we go, wherever we stay
There is hate
Whatever the flow, whatever we say
There is hate
Whether the hell hole or heavenly base, it's all around us in every place, hatred. Hatred

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Songwriter(s): Sicknature, MadChild, Slaine
Record Label(s): 2013 Goon MuSick
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