Rollin' With Superfly Lyrics

Rollin' With Superfly
Written By: LORD TOPH/Snow Flake Black
Produced By: LORD TOPH

A-yo LT, gimme that A-M sound. Something like 1972
something like that…yeah
Aiight, we gonna do another track, straight from Snow Flake Black
But we gon' do something different, we gonna take it right back, okay?
Yeah, so just sit there with this one
Superfly, baby!

All the haters hate the players
And the players hate the games
'Cause they know deep inside their minds
Their words are just the same
'Cause there ain't never been another man
Like the legendary man they call...Superfly
Hey it's Superfly
Uh oh it's Superfly

Okay, okay first thing that I got to say
Is today I’m rolling differently nigga, make way
I guess if you really want to
Hate the player and the game its all the same deally
When you rolling with Superfly
You like the sound of that?
I like the feel of it
My stomach’s growling and I’m 'bout to make a meal of it
I hope you into it
Lemme say it again (Rolling with SuperFly)
I can’t stress it enough
Wanting to play tough
Acting like you coming with some bite in your bark
You like a spark tryin' to glow in the dark going up against a flame
At this point, it’s a shame -- you should’ve faded when you fell off
Now you jaded and pissed the hell off
Who got soft?
Well, I know it wasn’t me -- How can that be?
I heard every Cad-die -- El-Dorado you follow
'til tomorrow just to see if it’s me
C’mon girl, you gotta crawl before you walk
Me and Super Fly, dawg, real talk

All the gossip is spreadin'
And the rumors hit the walls
And the women want to call his name
And their shoutin' down the halls
All the brothas want to be like him
But there is no "get even" Steven
And no need to try to be competin'
With the man they call...Superfly
Oh Oh Superfly
Hey Superfly
Uh Oh Superfly
Rollin' rollin' with Superfly
Uh Oh
Rollin' rollin' with Superfly
Rollin' rollin' with Superfly

So you saying you ain't guilty?
You ain't have nothing to do with it?
You saying that you outta the game?
You really through with it?
If I put a shoe to it and it fits
Then what you’re saying really don’t mean shit, now do it?
So let's go back, Superfly
Why not? -- We Doc and Marty on the track homie!..
Givin' everybody her dimes...
If no one hears you girl, don’t pout
When in doubt, give a shout, when you think you really comin' with the clout
You like a trout on a fisherman’s boat blowing smoke in a coat that I bought you girl
You lucky that I caught you girl
If you like I’ll put you back in the water
And make another appear magically like I’m Harry Potter
Ain't no player pimp enough
Not even Mr. GQ
If you try to hang with him
You'd only be a fool
I'd rather hang with Superfly
Oh oh Superfly
Rollin' rollin' with Superfly
Uh Oh Superfly
Uh oh Superfly
Here he comes ladies
Look out for Superfly
I can’t say it enough
If GQ could C-U then he would see through all the bullshit
You feel me?
I mean I ain't tryin' to clown
But you like a clown that joked too much and you missed your own show
Run your mouth again and I'ma let you go
Just to let you know
(Hear it comes Ladies!)
Super Fly and I got a new hustle
We be our own muscle
We know the ka-ra-te so let a nigga wanna tussle
My music’s like Brussels -- sprouting for you to shuffle
I’m in your I-Pod girl you can't muffle this!

Monté CrisToph Music © copyright 2010 All Rights Reserved

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Record Label(s): 2010 Monte CrisToph Multimedia

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