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Str8 To The Money
Smiley Don


Str8 To The Money Lyrics (feat. Malcom X & Sima Don)

Str8 to da money


People told me slow my roll,I'm screaming out f*ck that ,I'm a keep doing just what I want ,and there ain't no turning back

[ Mav Verse]

So im screaming out hold up, watch out/
Big events being the blocks out so we gonna turn up rock out/
Avoiding the D Tecs and cops out, nigga never cop out/
So a nigga won't stop/
Diving off the board but a nigga won't flop/
Murder every session with lyrical mac 11s any nigga in my way think he lit getting dropped/
On my way to the top and I'm so grinding/
Bling Bloow and I'm so shining/
Niggas think that they seeing me but I open them up
With a closer liner/ spit dope fire no cosigner that heat will blow with no blow dryer/
Always riding on four tires and they can't compare cause I'm so flyer/
I like it I get it I see it I do it I does it/
And I cannot be stopped once I am pursuing to touch it /
If it's out of my range the f*ck it/
Ima be here sipping shots with the public screaming out mav/
Said u going to fast, you need to slow it down and I'm screaming out how/
When every where I'm at, it's always going down always going down/
I get it I get it/
Im riding around khakis is brown/
Matching my fitted/
Digging on scenes asking around/
Cool is u wit it/
Digging through pieces trapping through towns/
New York my city/
Brooklyn my borough Flatbush my town/

[Hook:] people told me slow my Roll , I'm screaming out f*ck that ,I'm a keep doing just what I want ,and there ain't no turning back
Brooklyn my borough Flatbush my town, 3x

Str8 to the money 8x

[ Smiley Verse]

People told me Slow Down,it's one life ,gotta live it right
Told em I'm from Flatbush,and everybody kno,I live a Trippy Life
I can work all day, then party all night,then work all day and party all night
Off a lean and Sprite ,on a Friday night,then Sunday Morning Holla Jesus Christ
Cause it's my life and I'm living it right
I don't give a shit,I'm on my Trippy shit
Still handle my biz ,when I get to see my kids ,might sip a brew,might Smoke some mids
See I ain't wanna rap,but I had to Trap
So I made some ones and invested them in rap
Then I found this beat,And made another Track
Now everyone screaming out, no turning Back...
People told me slow down, ya body feels it as you get older
Told them as I see it ,you ain't gonna be around ,to say I told
Cuz my momma drink,and my daughter sober
My granny passed
So some my lyrics ,vulgar
And my baby momma ,help me raise my kids
But we still ain't getting ,any closer
So these no turning Back ,and what I burn for that
Is that O.G kush ,or that tardy black
I sip that Taylor port ,I drink that cognac
Sit backand laugh,cuz they thought I could hardly rap
I rep my crew, wat you think of that
My crates are blue ,and my Ray's are black
And I live my Life, we can burn to that
Cuz ain't no minutes ever ever turning back...

[ Hook:]

[Sima verse]

I get it I get it I dubb it I trip it I crush it I twist it
I'm high as a kite been flying all night can u feel the upliftment
I come from the bottom I had to go hard just to change my position
I'm speeding they want me to slow my roll but I done made my desicion
I'm winning!
I'll save the losing for you
Making my moves I maneuver with few
Chasing dreams I'm Freddy Kruger to you
And you niggas should know it's gone do what it do
We gone make it happen
Sleeping on me well take a nap then
I'm in the studio making hits you sick as shit I'm like take a napkin
We in the front used play the back end
Avoid them jails that's evasive action
Played so hard I can make the pack 10 quarterback I bet they won't sack him
We used to get loud from the bay that shit smell like cheese they called my team the pack men
You like how I'm riding the beat?
That shit come with ease I never played with this rap thing!
Niggas acting screaming action this ain't a movie I cut the scene
I'm yelling screaming out f*ck your life cause y'all was screaming out f*ck my dreams
No zone could hold me no double team
Just pick and roll through a double screen
I'm making that shot everyday go hard every play..,
All for the love of green


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