Decadence Lyrics (ft. T3, Young Rj & Guilty Simpson)

Dream team you're better then you listen them
night dark ain't no **catching them,
niggas talk tall and can't act for them
I guess they got the f*cking hallos for tacking them
just speak on the dark's decadence
you're running with rars decadence
you can't see us is decadence
we the realest around nigga we spark again.

I'm out to order my buy polling this order lord
the horror that killed..and I'm f*ckin explore
I turn the sward into a man's, I'm buying stroker
I drain the bot on this strap and rhyme Oprah
I been this you .. and clime ..
and a desert with seven lims no science hopeless,
you never wins I'm better than ever been,
they say I'm going for wow, I've never been a wind,
our body dudes, and hit their holla chins,
we the tighest word the chains and tight us,
I offer this mine is the ridest, guide us with Mike's us link


Ball in the corner pocket, and..shooting moving targets
underground like the black market,
rocking stones not clothes unexjoints where black diamonds
don't wanna live with holla points, rock diam shit,
Gucci shades with the night vision
so even when it's dark I'ma technition
slip game keep it warm like it a cope mine
in my own lane never do it like they do
sudden some whatever I touch down like ey you,
pay dues, official like a may do,
reasor, dealer, I'm from the same school.


This to the villa, all the way back to 8 pilla, ace fill up,
greater it's bitter, patient as a crave digger,
meaning I wait for a sound then I react why you're playing around then I
produce the hit the way I do it, don't know if it's beat for makign music,
I got your number homie, tailor suit it,
I mesure your arms before I slay your shooters,
I take em do it, I'm Samuel as hell for fought fiction
then I give em hell like hell and twist wings
brainstorming why you try to send sale.
the rest fail, tryin do the real the hustle,
I got a candle at least with no muzzles,
your whole team's on the bubble,
and we're buzzin of giving them trouble
we're living searching to the rubble.

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Record Label(s): 2013 Synchronization
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