Drop It Like It's Hot Again Lyrics

[Verse 1: Slim Thug]
Yea! Slim Thugga!
(Southern Smoke!)
Bows hot got low!
I keep it so gangster mayne
And we gonna keep it gangsta to
Slim thug on flo
Turn it up another notch
Bows and the hoes drop it like its hot
Cuz its drop looking good and his trunk got knocked
Gotta be up in the tint
Same be up on the watch
Slim thug on the flo turn it up another notch
Cuz I'm back in your ear nigga back on the block
Bows two
Bout to drop so I am back at the top
Star trek connected boys must respect it
Star trek connected boys must respect it
Star trek connected boys must respect it
Two thousand five its about to get hected
Hold it up like you need to be done
I do it for the green you just do it for the bun
Cuz that bullshit just tane I aint payin ya none
Im at the astros playhouse ballay with bun (b)
Here I come here I come but name aint
Back back let me show you how to do this son!
I come row everytime I come
He three, you two, Slim thug numba one
Ain't shit changed but the time
f**k what you heard cuz the city's still mine
I'm started in the game putting boyz on the pond
You can tell by them candy blue toys how they shine
While you was in yo studio in your “so called grind”
I was cutting big butt sluts from behind
I quick with the the rhymes
I gotta play that free time
Cuz I way Up ahead and u way back behind

[Verse 2: Pharrell]
Uh! I'm a nice dude, with some nice dreams
See these ice cubes, see these Ice Creams?
Eligible bachelor, million dollar boat
That's whiter than what's spilling down your throat
The Phantom, exterior like fish eggs
The interior like suicide wrist red
I can excercise you, this can be your Phys. Ed
Cheat on your man ma, that's how you get ahizzead

(Southern Smoke!)

[Verse 3: The Game]
Look at ya cam fo
Candy Paint six-fo twenty inch rims
Twenty-two on my boot
Twenty-Four on the rova
Im under twenty-six year the boy taken ova
Got rock on my wrist
Can't forget about Hova
Tupac in the wet valid of a dang soldier
If I go out tomorrow I'm leavin with guns smoking
I never bury a G without air-one zonum
Custon kick rocka
Doug kicked poppa
Yea we want easy and we loved big paca
So much he the sees
Every wigga in NY rockin Jesus piece
In the city of angels I will bang and angle you
You like are-a-bea with pass the same for you
Nah homie I ain't talking bout mace
I'm talking about a closed coffee cup blow off your face!

[Verse 4: Snoop Dogg]
I'm a gangsta, but y'all knew that
Da Big Bo$$ Dogg, yeah I had to do that
I keep a blue flag hanging out my backside
But only on the left side, yeah that's the Crip side
Ain't no other way to play the game the way I play
I cut so much you thought I was a DJ
[scratches:] "two!" - "one!" - "yep, three!"
S-N double O-P, D-O double G
I can't fake it, just break it, and when I take it
See I specialize in making all the girls get naked
So bring your friends, all of y'all come inside
We got a world premiere right here, now get live!
So don't change the dizzle, turn it up a little
I got a living room full of fine dime brizzles
Waiting on the Pizzle, the Dizzle and the Shizzle
G's to the bizzack, now ladies here we gizzo

When the pimp's in the crib ma
Drop it like it's hot
Drop it like it's hot
Drop it like it's hot
When the pigs try to get at ya
Park it like it's hot
Park it like it's hot
Park it like it's hot
And if a nigga get a attitude
Pop it like it's hot
Pop it like it's hot
Pop it like it's hot
I got the rolly on my arm and I'm pouring Chandon
And I roll the best weed cause I got it going on


Killa calling yo
Bows how? Got low
And you I'm repen H' time
Dead end to the fullest
And I'm leetin yall know yo listenin to the numba one DJ in the muthaf**kin south
Dj Smiles
We doin it big baby
That's right

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