Lucifers Luck


Lucifers Luck Lyrics

[Sample from Natural Born Killers:]
Everybody got the demon in here, okay? The demon lives in here. It feeds on your hate, cuts, kills, rapes. It uses your weakness and fears. Only the vicious survive.

[Verse 1:]
Hey yo Jimmy caught a bad one, Jimmy is a cripple
In a wheelchair got the skinniest pitbull
Sally Braun bitch big Indian nipples
The only one who really understood what he went through
That one night caught up in the middle of a gun fight
Shot in the back, blacked out when the sunlight came
He woke up in the hospital numb
With no memories of ambulances, coppers that come
Only memories of how he used to walk and he'd run
Now he's f*cked, f*cked up feeling awkward and dumb
With his legs on the floor, they're useless
Pain killers chewed in his tooth talking to the nurse holler
Shooting ruined his life, maneuvers and stuff
Needs help putting on his pants, shoes and it sucks
f*ck, when they fight it should produce you to duck
It's an unfair life, this is Lucifer's luck

[Chorus: x2]
Is this world f*cked up? Is it gruesome enough?
You caught a bad one, son. This is Lucifer's luck
When it wasn't your fault call it Lucifer's luck
Shit is ruthless, it's ruthless, it's Lucifer's luck

[Verse 2:]
It was crazy how Roberto and Sadie
They both a product of the eighties
Had a premature baby and named her Haley
Little lady, three pounds in an incubator
Who knew the depths of parents would sink to later? Illegal aliens, both barely in the country
Got an application for citizenship but didn't mail it in
Sadie got a job at the strip club, no frills
Roberto's now a stay-at-home mom with no skills
When Haley's hungry she screams he can't take em
Squeezing on her feeble little bones, he might break em
He fractures and cracks 'em in a demonic fashion
Leaving no bruises, nobody questions or asks him
And the baby just suffers enough to get
Her precious life snuffed and her little body stuffed in a trunk
Hidden deep in a storage unit, both parents burn in hell
That's how Lucifer planned to do it

[Chorus x2]

[Verse 3:]
She couldn't explain why daddy couldn't refrain
From touching her eighty pound frame
He gonna lay the ground game
She got blood in her panties, that ain't a shit stain
By an ordained minister who's so sinister
When the band shake, her little body shake
She close her eyes, escape the rape
He used your strength paint a picture of a saint
In a small, quiet town that's really so quaint
In Delaware it's hell in here, the minister millionaire
Wife know to act unaware
Why his sick-ass sniffing her little underwear
It's no fun in here when you're young and full of fear
Eyes full of tears, he toys with her head
She said they'll only be joy when he's dead
So she killed him, no more will the minister touch
It's hell when it's Lucifer's luck you motherf*ck

[Chorus x2]

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