Hatin Me Lyrics

Oh my sneaker game is right
I just shaved tonight
My cologne is smelling good
So what's up mama? You want a drink or what?
You wanna come and party with me?
My name is Slaine

[Verse 1:]
You know you love my style don't you really?
You haters act like you really got a chrome to kill me
But your gangster suspect, your palms are silly
I'm from Boston, New York and rolling a Philly
And I party like I'm rich till I'm broke in the morn
With my own CDs coke's broken up on
Went to bed at noon time and I woke up at dawn
So my lifestyle's what people are focusing on
Cause I party like a rock star, spit it like a rap star
Grab your dick and hock a loogie, get inside a black car
Quick, these bitches are on my dick
Eenie-meeny-miney-mo, which one will I pick?
Got so many sick flows, which one will I spit?
I have to get go so bad that I go with the get
Bitch I'm no backpacker, I'm a soldier with clips
And I told you motherf**kers that my shoulders are chipped

So all the people in the party in the place to be
With your eyes wide shut, I'm a make you see
There's a very good reason why you're hatin' me
Yeah I love this shit when you're hatin' me

So all the people in the party in the place to be
With your eyes wide shut, I'm a make you see
There's a very good reason why you're hatin' me
You know I love this shit when you're hatin' me

[Verse 2:]
So you can love it or hate it, hate it or love it
I was stuck under the dirt but I made it above it
My stomach was hungry as f**k so I raided the cupboard
With the Devil in my eyes, go ahead and pray to the mother
The Virgin Mary, I'm emerging scary
And every curse word I ever blurred you're hearing
And f**k everything with a skirt and earrings
Before I zip my zipper up and hurt your feelings
Everybody say that I'm just a liar
But their hands getting burnt when they touch the fire
I'm the dope man, words justifier
Still I'm getting stuck in the muck and mire
Your soul gets sold till the bucks can buy ya
But you can always find another slut to lie to
Cause when you got it like this they just rewind ya
And A&Rs never got the nuts to sign ya


[Verse 3:]
Sorta hate me maybe cause my tapes are crazy
I grew up around the dope so the H don't phase me
f**k a bitch with a rubber, I don't make no babies
I don't accept [? ], I don't take no rabies
With cheques, rich bitch next for sick sex
Drink six packs of Becks until my bib's wet
I never talk shit that I ain't lived yet
Son or say that I done what I ain't did yet
Was or you wasn't, what you bugging when you guzzle gin
It doesn't matter what kind of drugs that you smuggling
If you been there you know the game
And the porn stars all done blow with Slaine
I am like the rap star, this is what I grew to be
Bitches wanna f**k me, rappers wanna shoot at me
You's love how I master words so beautifully
I know what I am, it ain't nothing new to me


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Record Label(s): 2012 CommonWealth Records

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