First Thing Smoking Lyrics

Running them for as long as I can remember tho
I'm pop dukes on a loop, teaching give and go
Give away leads I'm spotting em what we hitting fo'
And when they can't see they look to me
Could it be I done did it all and made it fly to do it
The muf**kas you on?, well they was riding to it
I'm in a great space, my influence is spilling out
Shit I did on the salvation is what be winning now
Clock ran fast I never bothered to bring it back
Catch it if you can and if not, I middle finger that
Know I got a city and a Louis bag of states that wanna be by the city
So no one can ride against me
And know if you riding wit me, pulling over is not a choice
Did that already, that's how your faves done got a voice
Industry aside til the industry decides, gimmie mine or this industry is fine
Me?, I'm this far from being a star, and just that close to quitting
Shit I never came close to missing
But I wanted to be a musician and under me was the rhythm
Of everyone tryna sing but couldn't keep up the pitches
Like everyone outta sync but look to be in the rhythm
80 thou' for Range, them numbers they wasn't kidding
You picked it'd up as a song I put it there as a vision
Of how we would die for it and call it a way of living
Jordan 3s and PRP-S's and kno the rest is right over there by the exit
My fans over impressed and my hands holding your breath
And I stand where you never can till you slow up your steps
Did it for whatever it meant and yet again
Flag waver put his best in the wind, that's all me
I made it beyond reach, uh, you see how I play the big role in the Stuy like Radio Raheem
I never rock a nets logo on my jersey like Jay did
Or rock a leather kilt on stage like Kanye did
Let me know where all the pay is
And me and A will be out front to dig a way in
The new Shawn Corey and Ty Ty
Find one better than who?, huh, not I
Did it all twice now the first get 'em open
Don't be mad if I leave here on the first thing smoking

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