Don't Rush Me Lyrics

Yes… Ladies & Gentleman.. welcome to the corner of
notion & 9th, the next movement family installment…
Fresh off the World Domi-Notion & Soul Movement 3… im
bout to keep it movin right now… making one project at
a time people…
Dont rush me…
Yo yo…

[Verse 1]
Yo, There's nothing like writin' ya self,
Like a nice little poem with 9th, in-sight of a flip,
All wonderful tunes, to enlighten ya health,
Yet another brilliant mixtape, another kind I designed
to rip,
Im not rushin' you, you movin' with the most urgent of
With a look like, you just swallowed detergent on ya
Im not listenin', _& barely concerin' what you say,
& im earnin' what im paid, I deserve these accolades,
Slow after I burn one, rush, then flow strongly,
Attack with aggression, yet I express it, so calmly,
& im on some next shit, so Im getting love again,
From Wake ya daughter up, to Kevin Nottingham,
& as we travel round the lands, uh, its feelin'
From mainstream love, to college radio stations,
From It's My Turn, to the Domi-NoTiOn of the globe,
Its like im spinnin' on the Gravatron, outta control,
On this edition you'll hear mad anthem's,
You'll hear 9th's drums throwin' real bad tantrum's,
Damn son! the medium is class, & got the speakers on
FAR from that Cam' shit with the Blam Blamers.. so you,
know.. (20)
You know..

...I'm on the right path,
In a robe, after a niccce blunt & a bath,
I know.. I-I know I got the right swag,
I blow it in they face & laugh,
Go home & figure, re-frame ya shit,
You all off the picture,
So ugly like the body of Scharzenegger,
So figure its just time to leave,
Dont rush mE, let mE blaze, time to breathe,
So dont rush me...

I know im on the right path,
I know this shit will last
Dont Rush Me it's a..
Long road, & we comin thru fast,
With the Movement Fam' at last, whoo... damn..

[Verse 2]
I stroll down the bassline, like im knowin' a beat,
Or a voice, attached to it, not withholdin' to speak,
& lettin' loose, coz im 25, goin on 49,
Coz im smashin' cougars and MILF's, like all the time,
On the real tho', as the time grows older,
I feel im gettin bolder, _& im in more control of,
_my passion and my quota's, what im lackin, where im
& ain't nobody ever knowin', where the Notion gon' be
goin', (8)
& im talkin' bout how life is a trip,
Like you knowin' that Corner of Notion & 9th's the
Just trust me baby, don't rush the lazy,
Or the situations gon' get all crazy! (ya dig that??)
So this time to come live, & deliver the raw,
Don't rush me, lemme give ya score, (ya wit me now??)
The numero-uno that you know, the kid wit the kudos',
& proved those with no I.Q.'s, are fake, yup, & they
pseudo, know!

Hook: on the right path,
I know this shit will last
Dont Rush Me it's a..
Long road, & we comin thru fast,
With the Movement Fam' at last, whoo... damn..

Yo peep game, you already know what it is… its ya man
S-K-Y-Z-O-O, Skyzoo, live from the 718,
Im all the way out here in Australia checkin in with
the homie Notion, he got his tape, On The Corner of
Notion & 9th
You know what it is, this a tribute and salute to 9th
Wonder, & y'all know 9th is my homie, my big brother,
my family and all that, so you know he doin something
dope, showin his love to 9th and everything like that
on the beats.. On The Corner of Notion & 9th.. Notion
from Australia holding it down, you know what it is…
this ya man SK, live from the 718…

[Notion] Thanks for tuning in ladies and gentleman, The
Corner of Notion & 9th is now in session…

[Skyzoo] Lets go!

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