Good Gracious


Good Gracious Lyrics

(Verse 1)
If I step my game up more than this
they'll be lost in translation, of tryna find my
don't be insubordinate, coming tryna battle me
if so, wake Shakespeare, gone be a tragedy
circles quaking, watching the moves that I'm making
don't get it mistaken, know i'm cooking check the apron
they faking the cool, rappers is crude with no spirit
belittle us ants? Ain't tryna hear it
Mega mind on the road to El Dorado, tho I seen the worst
first bug in this life gonna make the Dream work!
See how the scheme work? Life a movie, animated
and updated the text, some hate it
Flexing the flow, she text us X's and O's
as seconds unfold, they checking the slopes
ice cold, quotes I wrote need microscopes I hope
you ain't chasing the wave, whatever floats your boat
eloped with Dreams, we all that's left no right Twix
hype mix, help cope with what the future predicts
I don't vote! Politics are fixed
I'm Rock Lee in Nike Dunks, mainly do this for kicks

Got rid of the old me, that's out the way now
check rhymes like Phife, I scribe my life
these words don't fade out
God making a way now, okay now
past curfew, might as well stay out
we off that wave, oh lord touche
don't waste my days, that's played out

& My cloud going up
won't stop cuz I can't get enough (like)
good gracious, nobody can face us
we write with a pen so nobody can erase us
Good gracious!
Good gracious, lord!
Good gracious!
Good gracious!

(Verse 2)
La Di Da Di, we party all night
we hardly sleep
SIKE! That's time being wasted
I perform surgery, my vision past LASIK
chicks wanna dance, mommy that's basic
an artist, your outline make me wanna trace it
It's afterlife when I write, your spirit follow the
think it's magic, the moves I make borrowed from sleight
ain't no of fear in me! Willie D, it's your mind playing
think you messing with a Jedi, said I
Who? Ghetto boy from the sticks
it's a sign, Blair Witch, figure it out like Snick
it's in the wrist, clutch game supreme
playing Sega on Saturn, turning my nights into Dreams
uptight in their DNA, I don't like skinny jeans
loosen up, quit the stressing over silly things king

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Songwriter(s): Mario Farrow
Record Label(s): 2018 2 Steps Above The Stars
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