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Underscore 3
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Underscore 3 Lyrics

A young mickey rourke red skin like a bug bite
Young prince this is what it sounds like when thugs fight
Touch mic's, make the whole system go to new heights
I ain't talking drinking when I say this bud's light
The young chap with a backpack could wrap raps
In a circle around these whack cats like that's that
Rowdy like I'm ronda heat streak out in arabia
They forgot the prophet like princess anastasia

Rap so clean beat so dirty
Don't act so stiff, taxidermy
You don't know? Now you heard me
Dead people wake up, weekend at bernies
You look up to me like you gary colemen
You get scared of me like a grip of vulcan
You won't win the game cuz you got a token
You Falling down a path that's gone leave you broken

I'm rabidly ravaging irrelevant ruckus
Rolling over rhetorical rhythms relentlessly roughing
Reprimanding resistance I'm a renegade on a mission
Meticulously masking more music that's missing a vision
Victoriously viable violence taking the kingdom
Collecting corpses of orphans preaching to all who we're bringing
I'm standing up now you judging while sitting down
It's easy watching stars when your feet are still on the ground

Riding through the night like a scooter I cross over
Playing these hoops like hula the boss cobra
We g.i joe's no losers we fly sober
They google me on these computers and hear pop soda
I'm on a roll like tootsie sweet when I release while you kittens playing footsie
Rapping since I was 5, beats since I was 12
I've always just been myself slept next to my record shelves (You Know Me)

This industry rick moranis I guess they blew up the kid
They said there's no room for spanish pero mira just what God did
Nadien como Mi Senor It's really just how I live
While speaking to every mommy and daddy and every kid
So they get saved by the bell like screech no
Saved by The Lamb I preach so
You can get a pass like a cheat code
From this young puerto rican chico
You can't get this real so you settling for sweet and low

I roll with a killa team cutting like a guillotine
Cleaning like some listerine while chewing anti histamines
An introverted assertive but they gone call me mr. mean
But I could never fit in like a heavy weight in skinny jeans
Your favorite rappers keep watching my every step
Every album is greater some will hate it to death
They using they fingers while I'm saving the breath
Of the souls across the world who have a few minutes left

It's your co-pilot speaking there's turbulence up ahead
Stay seated and comfortable if you choose to remain dead
But if you want to make a change
Then jump right out of the plane
Only way you can be saved is by losing your life today

See the reason I'm undefeated has nothing to do with fame
Has everything to do with the power inside the name
Jesus Christ, God and man in the flesh for us was slain
So you can call me what you want but I will not refrain
From representing the glorious truth of The King who reigns
The author and finisher for His church He will come again
And you act like you don't notice but one day you'll truly see
That the same King you deny is really living in me

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Record Label(s): 2015 World Renegade Music
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